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New Vikings Uniforms


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Wow...dare I say it? These seem to be a colossal disjointed mess. It is actually worse than I imagined. Terrible number font, totally unnecessary addition of black to the helmet that is repeated nowhere throughout the uni, and a horrible sleeve stripe gimmick that totally ruins it for me. I'm speechless.

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-Really hope the helmet and jersey/pants match better on the field than they appear to here

-Either use black in all uniform elements or use it in none of them

-The white pants striping matches the purple jerseys' sleeve (thin purple, medium yellow, wide purple) but the purple pant striping (yellow, purple, white) doesn't match the white jersey striping (white, yellow, white)

-Who thought that yellow stripe on the white jersey was a good idea?


Let's hope this is the last time we see this combo...but sadly I'm going to predict they end up going monochrome constantly.

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This picture makes the case for the black facemask as it ties into the horns


I disagree. To me, that picture is an embarrassment. It shows how significant the helmet downgrade was. The facemask is even more out of place in the context of the rest of the uniform.

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If the Vikings wear black cleats, I don't have a problem with the face mask because then it will match up with another element. That's how I feel about the Chiefs and 49ers use of black on the helmet (although not the mask)

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Purple away pants ..... no problem

Socks with the dark purple upper (that don't seem to match the purple pants) and white lower .... all wrong

They need white socks with those shoulder stripes in the centre when wearing the purple pants. Why is it so hard for some teams to get the socks right when wearing colored pants?? (MIN, BUF, SD, SEA ...)

KC, NE, CHI, NYJ all get that part right when wearing their colored pants on the road.

I personally like the purple they've been wearing ... rather than the bluish-purple that they've gone back to

Don't like the different jersey number font for the 2nd number ... that's over the top

The home uniform is nice, they even got the socks right for that one.

Other than that .... no other critique

**** My hat goes off to Minnesota for getting rid of those ridiculous toilet-seat collars ... wish the BILLS would follow suit


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I love them, but they aren't perfect. There's some choices here that I wouldn't have made and now I'm going to list them.

- black facemask. Obvious reasons. Should be purple.

- the helmet finish. Gloss always looks best. Always.

- Sleeve stripes. I can live with the sleeve stripes (like I'd kill myself over the Vikings sleeve stripes), but they would've looked better if they were just straight. I don't see what the "wave" adds. Furthermore, the stripes on the white jersey don't match the stripes on the white pants. What's the point of having two different striping sets on the same background. It's gonna look weird when they go white-on-white. All the purple backgrounds have the same stripes, why not do the same for the whites? Actually, I wish they had just put the stripes from the white sleeves on the white pants. Problem solved.

- I actually love the numbers. I even like the lack of an outline as I'm not a big fan of bright yellow straight against white numbers.

- The purple pants are fine except they didn't make a road sock so there's the purple leotard that looks so bad. How hard would it have been to make white socks with stripes that match the white sleeves? Not hard at all.

- I hope the monochrome purple is a rarely seen look. It's the only combination in this uniform that doesn't look good.

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