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New Vikings Uniforms


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Pardon my ignorance, but what are the "limited" jerseys?

"Limited" jerseys are replica jerseys - not be confused with "Game" jerseys, which aren't the jerseys that are used in games, but are also replicas.

"Game" jerseys are the furthest thing Nike makes from a game-worn jersey. "Limited" jerseys are limited because they are closer to looking like game-worn (not "Game") jerseys, but are not as limited in features as "Game" jerseys, which are much more limited compared to game-worn jerseys.

Make sense?

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Not trying to hijack this thread at all, I just wanted to clarify the Nike jersey names a bit.

Just going by the names, It make the most sense to be:


But in Nike's world, it's:


I'm not Nike, so I can't say for sure why they did that. My theory is that 90% of the fans don't pay as much attention to jersey details as those of us on these boards, so if they see a jersey in a retail store or online being advertised as a "Game" jersey, they're going to assume that it's the same jerseys that the team wears in the games.

I believe the price points for the three levels of jerseys are:

"Game" - $100

"Limited" - $135

"Elite" - $250

All of us on these boards realize that you probably can't buy an authentic "on-field" jersey at retail for $100, but if you ask people who don't pay much attention to this stuff how much on-field jerseys cost, most of them would probably be shocked to find out how much they actually cost. The average consumer probably considers $100 a lot to pay for a jersey, but would probably be willing to do so if they are buying a gift for someone - thinking that a jersey called a "Game" jersey is the same one the teams wear in the games.

Those of us on this board, and other more hard-core fans buying jerseys for themselves are the target market for the "Limited" jerseys. Instead of setting the price point for the "Limited" jerseys halfway between the "Game" and the "Elite" at around $175, they hook you with the fact that if you're already paying $100, you might as well pay "a little" more and get a higher quality jersey. "Elite" jerseys are geared towards people who will pay any price for the "real thing."

I do have a "Limited" jersey. It's a very nice jersey and seems to be well made.

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IMO the double sans looks better than single sans

I feel the same way if you are going to go that route.

Single numbers not getting the treatment will really look stupid IMHO.

You do know that "sans" means "without serif" right?

(I think. Now I'm getting confused!)

Well then I think I agree with him I really actually thought he was saying have a serif on both numbers but now I am confused as well. :)

Well at least it is not as confusing as the game, elite, limited jersey thing.

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Does anyone know for sure what finish the new helmet uses? Nike and the Vikings both say matte but I read satin on another site. I don't know much about finishes so it'd be awesome if someone could confirm.

it's satin. the Seahawks did the same. and Texas A&M

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