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OK. After learning a couple of things about logos in the past month, here's my latest Edmonton Oilers logo that I will use for my fantasy team. Inside the logo on the right is the Edmonton city skyline, and on the left is the Rockies which are just to the west of Edmonton. No giant malls in the logo though. The logo was painstakingly handcrafted in Paint with my own two hands. Anyways, heres 3 different colour versions of the logo - their current colour set, their alternate colour set, and their original colour set. What do you guys think is best? Any other suggestions or feedback?


By the way, here's my original Oilers logo from my first ever CCSLC post a month ago, just so you can see where my progress is going.


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Just a note.  The Rocky Mountains are about three hours west of Edmonton so you may want to rethink the inclusion of mountains in the logo.

I know, I know. I kind of wanted to encompass all of Alberta with the logo but yeah, I see how the Rockies might be pushing it. Anyone have a good suggestion for another Edmonton scenery... maybe wheat? anything better?

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Maybe remove the derrick from the middle (in the drop). Perhaps take out the mountains, and replace them with a single derrick on a flat plain? Then color the drop solid. I'd also remove the gushing oil (with the derrick removed from the middle).

I mocked this up in paint...


Still, it's probably a little too busy.

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I don't have any historical attachment to the Oilers, I don't even know what their current colours are, but I like the black, silver and navy combo ... although there are probably tonnes of teams with those colours already. Just caught my eye the most of the three.



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