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Charlotte Hornets?

Lights Out

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Just found out about the name change. It's all falling into place...

Now Toronto can take the Bobcats, Los Angeles takes the Raptors, Minnesota takes the Lakers, Utah take the Timberwolves and New Orleans becomes the Jazz once more...


Hate to even give this any response .. because every time I hear these name trades I want to throw something hard at my computer monitor ... but out of curiosity why would Lakers get Raptors?

I guess because the Raptors are named after Jurrasic Park.

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Charlotte Hornets guys. McCall was clearly referencing the NBA.

I'm hoping all the color on color matchups lead to more teams being allowed to wear gold as a primary. No reason it should be Lakers-only. Also powder and other light colors. In fact, a soccer-style primary and clash kit style would work fine in the NBA, IMO.

Sigh. No, a soccer-style anything sucks. Soccer blows. Please stop suggesting that other sports do anything to copy soccer, unless those sports are overseas and trying to appeal to soccer fans, such as with the former NFL Europe.

I am a huge English football fan; over the past ten years, soccer has become the only sport that I follow seriously. (I follow the NBA only half-assedly, and the CFL, MLL, and NLL only in passing) But there are two things about soccer uniforms that I hate. One is the ridiculous amount of colour-on-colour matchups. These look so wrong; for me, one team should always be in white, or at least in a very light colour such as yellow.

(The other thing I hate about soccer uniforms is far more serious: the advertisements on the shirts. This prevents me from ever buying a game shirt, though I was lucky enough to pick up a Cosmos shirt before they scarred it with an ad, and I somehow found an ad-free Chelsea training top. The sad thing is that this sort of pollution is coming next year to American sports, as the NBA begins using uniform ads.)

I, as a lover of soccer, say that the NBA should not imitate soccer on this count, and should never give up its rule about white home jerseys. However, it should allow an exception for yellow -- pertaining to any team, not just to the Lakers.

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My advice to Teal to handle 'these people' who don't respect a man's opinion even if its not the "norm or popular"..


Thanks bro! You have always had my back.

Much love.

It has nothing to do with his opinion, but rather his asking the same question repeatedly, over and over again. If anyone knew when, they'd have shared it by now if they could.
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Well, I figure if he asks the question on other boards as much as he does here, he's bound to come upon the answer first. So it makes sense to ask him now, if you think about it.

It's funny, another board I'm a member of just banned a guy called "Teal", who behaved pretty much just like our guy here. Given the disparate subjects of each board, I'm thinking it couldn't possibly be the same guy, but stranger things have happened...

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I believe we will see the new logo sooner than March. In a Bobcats email I received it mentioned that the logo was the next part of the design process.

Exact wording: "The color palette is the first step in the overall rebranding process. The next step will be the formal unveiling of the logo. Additional aspects that will come next summer include the unveiling of the court design, uniforms, mascot and more. Each of these items is in the process of being designed and determined and we look forward to sharing them with you at the appropriate times."

Seems to me like the logo will be unveiled sooner rather than later, a la NOLA Pelicans, with the unis and such coming next summer. I can't wait!

Also, if Purple is destined to be the primary color over teal, as it seems, it will be a letdown but not a deal breaker. As long as there is a good amount of teal to accent the purple, I'll survive.

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Guess there's a few things to address here!

- I agree there's a bit of bullying in the thread, however in logistical perspective, sort of brought upon ones self. I wouldn't have re-asked a question that much, if the answer isn't there, trust me, on this forum, we always want the answer so it'll come time soon

- Though reusing the old logo is one route, I think it's fairly clear that it'll be a slightly updated version of the original Hugo Hornet logo. Definitely looking forward to this

- Uniforms I know will probably have pin stripes, definitely wondering how this'll adapt into the modern NBA look. I don't see teal looking too good but I think the purple one (you know they will) will look fantastic!. Hopefully no goofy collars or anything.

- I've noticed many Hornets fans saying they'd be dissapointed if they don't get the exact logo and uniforms back, I would feel embarrassed and dumb-founded if people do that and it's a modernized set of the old stuff

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Charlotte's retro logo debut back in 88 or so so it needs updating. I agree most people forget that's why they are called retro or throwbacks..there is a time and place for old logos. Honestly most logos in the NBA although they are timeless, most could use a modern touch.

Bulls my favorite..but could use a touch up. (Someone on these boards had a clean and smooth look that didn't deviate too much from the original but was a refreshing look.

So if fans are upset if Hornets use a new approach AND don't capitalize on the throwback movement(jerseys,merchandise,etc) then they need to wake up.

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