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Charlotte Hornets?

Lights Out

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I believe we will see the new logo sooner than March. In a Bobcats email I received it mentioned that the logo was the next part of the design process.

Exact wording: "The color palette is the first step in the overall rebranding process. The next step will be the formal unveiling of the logo. Additional aspects that will come next summer include the unveiling of the court design, uniforms, mascot and more. Each of these items is in the process of being designed and determined and we look forward to sharing them with you at the appropriate times."

Seems to me like the logo will be unveiled sooner rather than later, a la NOLA Pelicans, with the unis and such coming next summer. I can't wait!

Also, if Purple is destined to be the primary color over teal, as it seems, it will be a letdown but not a deal breaker. As long as there is a good amount of teal to accent the purple, I'll survive.

Great post!

When did the Pelicans unveil their logo? Thats around when the new Hornet logo will be revealed.

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Pels released their logo in January (although it'd leaked a few weeks before).

I'd be quite surprised if we've not seen the new Hornets logo by the All-Star Game.

Thanks for the info buddy.

Hopefully around Feb we see the new logo.

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This just popped up on Facebook. Looks like the 'Cats are going to unveil the Hornets "brand identity" on 12/21. I'm assuming this will just be colors, logos, maybe the new Hugo (Rufus Hornet?), but maybe we will get luck and see some unis.


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Doubtful since it's the NOLA era wordmark.

That's super super odd to do that then in my opinion if you ask me. I personally don't like that wordmark and believe it should stick with the NOLA Hornets legacy but based on this I feel that might be the direction here. Hopefully not though.

Wonder if the wordmark on these bobblehead platforms is any clue on what we will see?


EDIT: Guess I wasn't the only one wondering!!!!

What about maybe the font in the Buzz City logo?

Futura is used in the Buzz City logo. Though I love that font, I don't foresee that looking very good on a uniform in an arch or anything. It might work though. I'd probably take it over the wordmark in the bases of those bobble heads honestly.

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I wonder what their uniform alts would be, if they would have any at all.

Most likely if their Home is Teal, their alt would be Purple. Just like in the past, with the former franchise. They seem to be keeping pretty consistent in their branding efforts, to replicate their prior brand as much as possible.

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