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2013 IIHF World Champs


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Well it's that time of year in the IIHF calendar when the lower divisions are in the midst of or have already completed their world champs. This year there are a few countries with new jerseys.

In Div 3 which is taking place in South Africa we have a couple new sets:

North Korea:


Looks like they have converted to the Swift template done by Tackla.

And South Africa:



Looks like they have gone with the Ducks 3rd jersey template. Doesn't look half bad in those colours.

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It's nice to see international play that doesn't involve every team using the same Nike Swift template and Agency for the names and numbers.

Well majority do use do use (mostly top division, div 1, and some in div 2) the swift template but Tackla produces the jersey. All the the top level teams use the Nike template but once they drop down, they are made by Tackla. While they use the same template, I like how the template has evolved for more originality from teams who use the template. Just look at the North Korea jersey. Back when Nike first made the swift jersey, everyone was the same and since the 2010 Olympics, we are seeing more and more Swift templates with their own flair.

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