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2013 NFL Draft


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Dallas drafted a Safety, J.J Wilcox out of Georgia Southern in the 3rd round. They're saying he should be a good player in the Cowboys' secondary.

The Cowboys quietly had a good draft. I still would have liked to see them take another offensive linemen, but I'm reasonably please with what we did. We still need some big bruisers with our guards to really open up our run game.

The Cowboys illustrated the following items in the last 64 hours:

1- They are still in "win now" mode for the 20th consecutive year. The last two selections of Randall and Holloman gave them their best value. Williams, Wilcox, and Webb had other players of the same position with similar or greater value and some of those players were drafted within the NFC East.

2- Jerry and Garrett think that the defensive scheme was the problem, not the talent and think that Kiffin and his 4-3 Under will solve the problems, yet they did not draft a 3 Technique DT because on Thursday night Jerry said that his devensive line was, "a team strength". Meanwhile both NYG and PHL got a 3 Technique DT and there still is a question if Ratliff will be suspended after his January DWI arrest.

3- They must think they are going to find cap space to quickly sign Eric Winston, Tyson Clabo, or any OL free agent who has any tread left. Clabo was cut due to his high cap number by ATL, but there is a reason why Winston has been released by HOU and KC in consecutive years. I am not sure that even they will cut Doug Free on June 1 since DAL lost four OL during last year's training camp and they panicked and used this year's 7th in a trade with Miami for Ryan Cook, who was third on the MIA depth chart.

4- The drafting of Wilcox and Webb does not look good for the future of Scandrick and Barry Church, since they will move Sterling Moore to Safety. There will probably be dead money with Miles Austin to be cut after this season as Dez Bryant enters year 5 of a 5 year contract.

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