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NBA Changes 2013-14 Season


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Yeah, the color is a little off

Yeah, I think it's mostly because of the way that they took the promotional photos for this. I'd imagine that it'll look closer to what the throwbacks actually look like once we see them on the court tonight.

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Is there a count of how many different NBA jerseys LeBron has actually worn? Between home, away, alternate, and throwbacks he has to have worn like 20 different jerseys while only being on 2 teams.

It's a pretty high count. I'm thinking higher than 20.

  • The Cleveland Cavaliers Home and Away,
  • the navy blue alternate,
  • the 2004-2005 Hardwood Classics,
  • 2006-2007 HWC,
  • 2007-08 HWC,
  • 08-09 CavFanatic,
  • 08-09 HWC,
  • 09-10 CavFanatic,
  • Miami Heat Home, Road and alternate,
  • Back in Black uni,
  • White Hot uni,
  • Pride uni (the all red one),
  • this year's nba champs uni,
  • last year's nba champs uni,
  • the past 2 X-mas day unis,
  • Latin Nights uniform,
  • 2012-13 Heat HWC,
  • 2013-14 Heat HWC,
  • 2011-12 HWC

and I think I might be missing a couple. So far the count here is at 23. I think it's around 25 or so.

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Kinda lame!

These are terrible. They look like rental uniforms from the officiating department.

The Heat will wear their original black road uniforms for the next seven home games, starting tonight against the Lakers.


Is it just me, or do those jerseys look pink and orange rather than red and orange?

It does look pink, but clearly the lighting plays a huge role in those photos.

The smaller, skinner "HEAT" wordmark looks terrible. Bring back the original version, Miami/Adidas. Do it right if you're going to do it.

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