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Australian one-day cricket uniforms


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Here is a compilation of the shirts worn by Australia when competing in one-day cricket matches between 1977 and 2007:


All of these shirts are worn with yellow trousers (except for the 1987 World Cup, where all teams wore white).

Green and gold are the Australian national sporting colours, but they can be a bit garish. I think that is the reason why the predominantly green shirt was introduced in 2006-2007.

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Australia should stick to predominantly yellow in cricket with green as the complimenting colour. The reverse I can kind of deal with but it ends up being too similar to South Africa.

These two are just inexcusable in my opinion though:



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The only reason the shirt colour was changed from gold to green was to make the sponsor logo stand out more.


It's an absolute travesty IMO, the gold looked much better and felt more uniquely Australian, rather than dark green which is worn by like 4 other countries.

Hopefully Commonwealth Bank can end their deal soon so we can have gold shirts back.

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