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Thanks for the comments, more as requested:


(Great Western) Forum's 1st scoreboard (67-91)


Great Western Forum's 2nd scoreboard (91-99)



Pittsburgh Civic Arena's 1st scoreboard (61-80)


Pittsburgh Civic Arena's 2nd scoreboard (80-95)


Pittsburgh Civic Arena (Mellon Arena)'s 3rd scoreboard (95-2010)

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This is really cool. Always liked that Chicago Stadium jumbotron.

You know, you could possibly mod these into some games on PC like NHL 08 or NBA Live 07.

This was the original point of these scoreboards illustrations, to get them into NHL 08 (or NHL 2004), unfortunately the way the game handles its 3d models, the community discovered one cannot modify the model in any way but reshape it, not add to it, so natrually the support for these 'boards were limited if not impossible, might be different for NBA Live but it was impossible on NHL 06-09, and nobody took up my challenge for NHL 2004 where the models can somewhat be modified.

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Some recent work from his Tumblr (he gave me the impression he was okay with me posting his work for him)

1996 Ottawa Senators (Palladium)


1996 Buffalo Sabres (Marine Midland)


1998 Phoenix Coyotes (America West Arena)


2004 Atlanta Thrashers (Philips Arena)


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These are awesome, I tried to do something similar to this a few years back with the MLB but didn't have the skill/resources. I couldn't find if you did one for MSG on your blog, but it would be really cool to see that.

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Scoreboard used from 1967-1986

Bottom ad panel retooled for next Spectrum scoreboard''


''Spectrum / CoreStates Spectrum

6-sided Rear-Projection TV system / 4-sided Scoreboard used from 1986-1996 (Flyers)''


''Capital Centre / USAir Arena

Scoreboard used from 1974-1997

Digit upgrade by 1990''



''Nationwide Arena

Scoreboard used from 2000-2012''


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