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Minor League Hockey Concepts related to one city...

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I thought I'd try a concept series based on minor league hockey teams in one city. I decided to take the idea of "what if the team never folded" and designed logos and uniforms from there. I decided to start with Toledo, Ohio since I have a lot of connections to the city.

The first team I chose was the Toledo Buckeyes. They only existed for one year, but I thought it would be interesting to try designing a logo and uni in the state of Ohio for a team named the Buckeyes, and not use Scarlet and Gray - figuring that Ohio State would issue a cease and desist on anybody using the color scheme and nickname. the research that i did showed that their colors were green and red (looked like they were sponsored by Buckeye Beer), so i started there with my color palette. I tried going with Green and silver (darn close to gray, I know),

Let me know your thoughts...


Primary Logo


Secondary Logo







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