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New Sun Belt Conference Logo

Red Wolf

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well, that's disappointing. i don't think it could look any cheaper or generic. that icon has no significant meaning (it's a sun and a belt together, i guess?) and the type is, well it's appropriate at least. not very pleasing, but it's sports. the whole styling and presentation looks like it came from 99designs to be completely honest

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I love how SME and other large firms like to pad their mediocre work with a bunch of mumbo jumbo fluff so they can quantify a $25k price tag.

This line is my favorite:

The individual parts of the icon combine to create a unified whole and represent strength in togetherness; a foundational value at the core of the Sun Belt Conference brand. The band of blue across the diameter of the icon symbolizes the “Sun Belt” region, while dually creating the feeling of a sun breaking the horizon at the dawn of a new day.

That BS probably added $10k to the price. Weak. :rolleyes:

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