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Strike Three Challenge I


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bam. Homer.

actually, when you view homer from the side, the hair and his ear make M and a G

for Matt Groenig, of course. So, technically, the M is correct.

LOL.. that was fun. Im amazed it took that long! ;)B)

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Alright, here's mine, done as an homage to my favorite TV show, Charmed, based in San Francisco. I guess this would probably work better as a women's football team, considering the show is about three female witches, plus the name of the team... but nevertheless, here it is:



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This one i found, totaly by accident, but i'm betting Eddie will love it...


:D Yeah, baby! He's got the View and the Duff Huns and everything! Nice find! :notworthy:

BTW, great contest, I think I'll throw in my hat for this one even if First place is taken care of (see: two posts ago).

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I give you, Late Show with David Letterman.


The script was easy to find, but for a helmet logo, I just used the 'DL' from his signature. The #10 is because of the famous top-ten list. CBS logos here and there. C&C Welcome & Appreciated!

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Baleeted! (previous comment in this space was pointing out the previous post that BiB has now read)

Yes, perhaps to make true continuity, it would go all the way around, but I thought sticking with the M for Matt was true to form.

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