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Strike Three Challenge I


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So here's my concept in action--

The Village Prisoners

(as seen in the Patrick McGoohan classic series made before many of you were born, and when I was too young to watch it the first time--The Prisoner)

The Prisoner

In Madden this team has only numbers showing on their unis as the name is in the same colour as the number--this is in keeping with the show where the characters are normally addressed as Number___. The unis are based on the suits worn by Number 6. Other characters wore this style as well.

The series took place on a isalnd in what was called "The Village"

The Bicycle on the helmet was a common icon in the VIllage, and was on their number badges...

If you've seen the show--you probably get it--if you haven't you may or may not, but I like these-



and seen here vs the Space Star Trekkers (as the series takes place in "Space, the final frontier) who have unis based on the original series-in this case the "gold" shirts-(I also did red, blue, and green as you can do 4 different ones per team in Madden)-


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Those are great! But who are the Prisoners playing in the last screen shot? The logo on the helmet almost looks like the Command symbol from the U.S.S .Enterprise.

Thanks---a fan of the show?

And those are the road jerseys of my Star Trek team--with 4 unis to make for Madden I made 3 in the main colours from the original show and one in the green Kirk sometimes wore...(maybe I should have entered those?)

and have you seen these?

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finally got mine done, i was slackin for a while there, but here is my favorite show, late night with conan o'brien, ohhh yeah


and for better viewing, HEREis the bigger version

NICE, the Masturbating Bear #69!

i guess Pimpbot won't be able to use that number.

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