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NYC FC Branding


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Not confirmed, but unfortunately a foregone conclusion.

I was hoping for Nissan, who is not only NYCFC's "electric vehicle partner" but also makes the new taxis:


That would be a sponsor with actual local relevance. That is, if we can't have the sponsor I really want:


But no, it'll be Etihad.

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Every time I see something like that inaugural logo and get excited, I have to give myself a reality check that the kit is going to be an Adidas template with Etihad across the front. Still buying one, still excited for the team, but slightly frustrated that the team's great branding is limited by those constraints.

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In advance of the jersey reveal tomorrow, NYCFC just posted this Inaugural Season logo:


That's the same subway-sign font used by our Supporters Group:


that's a SWEET font. any idea what it's called?

WTF came up with nothin for me when I plugged 'er in...

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Still holding out faint hope for navy shirts...

I think you'll get your wish. I think the David Villa teaser pic was of a Navy secondary with Sky Blue trim. Third Rail tweeted out a concept a few days ago that I think was spot on, right down to the thick hem cuffs on the sleeves.

EDIT: this -> https://twitter.com/thirdrailsc/status/531637915240398850

All signs point to the primary definitely being Sky Blue.

EDIT: One more concept (Black) from Drainyoo at NYCFC Forums https://twitter.com/nycfcforums/status/531618572658016257

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I'm pretty sure that it will be, although I'm expecting an all-orange third or keeper kit.

They had an opportunity to use orange on their own version of the new MLS logo, but decided to stick with the double-blues instead.


Orlando City got their gold in there, although it's otherwise almost absent from the uniforms.

As an aside, I love this graphic because it shows the color diversity in the league (especially helped by the introduction of Orlando City), not to mention how different KC's colors actually are from NYC. Hopefully either Atlanta or LAFC (if they keep their color scheme) will be a predominately-red team. And my gods, how desperately the Revs need a new logo.

As a further aside, this graphic is now going to bother me because the Revs don't fit the apparent alphabetical pattern of the graphic.

The teams appear to be listed in alphabetical order by club name, running left to right and top to bottom (which would be why Sporting Kansas City falls after Seattle Sounders, F.C.). However the New England Revolution is (are?) shown before the Montreal Impact. What gives?

P.S. If the Impact are supposed to be Impact de Montreal, then the graphic is even more out of order.

Any chance that the Revolution change their name to the Massachusetts Revolution (or the person who made the graphic strangely thought that was their name)? I realize that it doesn't make much logical sense to do that, but it would explain its location on the graphic. It's the only explanation I can think of as to why it's be placed in that spot other than a really weird mistake.

I guess it's also possible that they just flipped NE and the Impact by mistake

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Lot of haters on here. While I was hoping for something a little more different than Manchester city's, I am still very excited to support this team. As long as they do the soccer stuff right and create relationships with NYC institutions and people, which they have so far.

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