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Rare team matchups

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TheFallenHaveRisen: Do NASCAR paint scheme cars that were only driven for a season or two count? I've found some rare photos of cars that only were around for a few years.

I'd say the would, but I may be a bit biased. I tried to go with things that didn't even happen for a full year

NASCAR is a different animal altogether - forget "a season or two," there are tons of one race only paint schemes, and I'm not talking about the "special" paint schemes that are run almost every week these days.

Here's one - Richard Petty with his famous... green... #6?


That's from the 1986 World 600 (now the Coca-Cola 600, of course). The King crashed his #43 in practice, and these were the days before backup cars. Journeyman driver D.K. Ulrich offered to let Petty drive his car to continue his streak of races started (I'm sure Ulrich got a few bucks out of the deal as well), they slapped some STP decals on the green #6 and went racing.

Another that's NASCAR but also more appropriate for the thread. What's this grainy screencap?


That's from the 1992 Hooters 500 in Atlanta (possibly the best NASCAR race of all-time), the only time Richard Petty and Jeff Gordon raced against each other. It was Petty's last race and Jeff Gordon's first Winston Cup start, and one of the few times during the race that their cars were near each other.

Those are both incredible finds.

Here's one for you...Joe Gibbs car painted like a Redskins helmet to honor Joe's Pro Football HOF induction!



Dale Jr drove his father's #3 Wrangler scheme for one race, AT DAYTONA....AND WON.




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No pictures, but the Los Angeles Dodgers played the Arizona Diamondbacks for two series (April and July) @ then-Bank One Ballpark in the D-Backs first year in 1998, wearing their 1977-98 road uniforms (w/ the Dodgers script outlined in white and white-blue-white sleeve trim)....... the Dodgers changed the road set the next year.

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Here's something I almost considered: the 2011 Buffalo Bills (First year of the new uniforms, but also the only year Reebok produced them)


That made me think of the 1996 Eagles. First year with new uniforms, last year with Russell

And the jersey in the picture is different then what they wear now.

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Here's something I almost considered: the 2011 Buffalo Bills (First year of the new uniforms, but also the only year Reebok produced them)

Along those lines, the Sabres' slug uniforms were supposed to debut with the Edge system, but Edge was delayed a year. The first year of those uniforms was the old cut of jerseys.
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This one doesn't seem rare, but in the 3 seasons these jerseys coincided, the Penguins only wore that black uni twice against the Blues here and once in 1997-98 (I did some research for this one- when the Pens played at Kiel Center in 1995-96 and 1996-97, they wore the old diagonal PITTSBURGH jerseys)

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