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Rare team matchups

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10 hours ago, SabresRule7361 said:

Only 8 games with these unis over 2 years (Mavs debuting Cuban-era unis, Nuggets at tail-end of the navy/gold/wine Dikembe era unis)



Those Nuggets unis were pretty good. They just never really did anything with them as far as alternates go.

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The first photo is from 2000, the only matchup between the current Patriots (their first year in that style) and the pre-black Detroit Lions.



And this one-off occurred on Thanksgiving 2002, with both teams wearing their throwback uniforms (incidentally, this was the last season before the Detroit Lions incorporated black in their color palette).

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On 1/15/2017 at 9:58 PM, insert name said:

Rare Patriots uniforms matchups from 1999.



First one feels more weird than the second. The big-shoulder-logo Pats and the midnight-green Eagles coexisted for several years. Also, has the Eagles' shade of "green" gradually changed over the years? It doesn't look teal here. Could just be the lighting, I guess.


Also-also: nice facemask, Bruschi!

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On 1/15/2017 at 6:23 PM, Typhoon said:

2000 St Louis Rams at Seattle Seahawks


First Year of Rams new look w/ Gold pants that no longer exist


Old Seahawks look, two years before the rebrand


Also this was before they were in the same division. Seattle still in the AFC West.




That's a bonus rate uniform and rare stadium matchup. That game is from 2000, when the Seahawks played at Husky Stadium in between the Kingdome and Century Link.

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1 hour ago, MarsHotel said:

Here's another. Giants and Chargers 2005. Only time this one happened:





If we're dealing with Giants-Chargers matchups, then let's go to 1975 at Shea Stadium (the Giants' only year of calling that park home).








The Giants wore that beautiful uniform for only one season; so every game they played that year constituted a rare matchup.  And I would submit that anyone who fails to recognise that this is the Giants' best look ever is out of his/her bloody mind.




All of these shots come from This Week in Pro Football for week 7 of 1975.






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