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Rare team matchups

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Now THIS is a rare Expos uni-matchup.


I think you won the thread.

And if i'm not mistaken that game was played in San Juan, PR. So you got two Canadian teams playing in the Caribbean. Close the thread.

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Im pretty sure this was the only year that the patriots had the current unis while the bills had their kelly era unis. 2001 if im not mistakenfl_tyronerobertson.jpg

Two seasons: 2000-2001. Pats switched to nautical blue (aka navy) in 2000, the Bills went with their navy, royal blue, nickel, and dime mess in 2002. But a great matchup right there, nevertheless.

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Elvis helmets with a silver facemask. This had to have been the only year they used it until switching to red. (Looks nice!)

Correct. The first year of flying Elvis. They changed to red masks the following season and also dropped the red numbers in the blue jersey.

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