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Charlotte Hornets


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This may be a dumb question, but why do people seem to be in love with the idea of bringing back the Charlotte Hornets much more than any other defunct or relocated franchise in any other sport? Is it just because of how the name sounds?

Some of us don't. In fact, for me there's a whole slew of team names I'd rather see resurrected before this one, including but not limited to...

  1. Kentucky Colonels
  2. Arizona Wranglers
  3. Brooklyn Dodgers
  4. Washington Federals (or Bullets)
  5. Spirits of St. Louis
  6. Florida Marlins
  7. Tampa Bay Bandits
  8. Houston Oilers (or Gamblers)
  9. New Orleans Jazz
  10. San Antonio Gunslingers
  11. Oakland Invaders
  12. Chicago Blitz
  13. Philadelphia Stars
  14. Memphis Showboats

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Because the original owner named it the Bobcats more after himself than he did the cat. Plus the Hornets have historical relevancy. I actually don't see too big of a problem going Cleveland Deal (if you are saying that the guys who played in Charlotte can be retired by Hornicats/guys who played with NOLA can be retired by the Pelicans).

Also, Mac, I knew your bubble has been bursted on many of those names, so I won't remind you why the Bullets, Dodgers, and Jazz are in use anymore.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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