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More proof we need to overthrow the NCAA!


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The NCAA hasn't exactly earned the benefit of the doubt when it comes to being overly officious about stupid crap.

Yes, but legitimate criticism gets lost in all the cries of "Communism!" and "Socialism!" from people who obviously don't know what either word actually means.

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Yo, I'm bumping this thread because I was sure we had talked about Lake Mead and water wars, and oh look:


Las Vegas uses more water per capita than most communities in America — 219 gallons of water per person every day — and charges less for it than many communities.

Summer temperatures top 115 degrees in a scorched environment that in a banner year receives a paltry four inches of rain. The inhospitable conditions have pushed officials to develop water conservation programs considered models worldwide.

Although this spring's snowmelt could temporarily replenish Lake Mead, the city's future still looks drier than ever, a prospect that has prompted the water authority to eye such long-term plans as a desalinization plant in California and a $15-billion pipeline to move water here from other parts of the state.

This isn't good!

Perhaps the water-wars stuff should be spun off into a Lounge thread.

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