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Pittsburgh Penguins Concept


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I'm watching the Pens/Bruins game, and three things came to mind.

1) I like the Penguins Metallic Gold colour. Its unique in the NHL, and the Bruins owned "Yellow" and Black before the Penguins.

2) The Penguins jerseys are terrible. Bad edge template, they are sorely in need of an update.

3) The Penguins current alternate has unique striping, and is a pretty good jersey overall.

So I decided to make a new Pens Home/Away set, using the current colour scheme with the alternate template.

What do you think?


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Well, I personally think that the Bruins should embrace brown as their primary, but either way, differentiating the two teams is needed. Old gold/Vegas gold is also a nice change - and it works well for the NFL Saints, so why not here?

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