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Bad weather football games


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muddy games like this will be fewer and fewer b/c of field turf becoming more prevalent, at least at the higher levels. High school games still get pretty muddy. In Louisiana, we get plenty rain/ mud. Snow MIGHT happen during playoffs once in a blue moon.

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Nebraska @ Missouri, 2009.

5 inches of rain fell in Columbia making it a soak fest. The Tigers held the lead all day until late in the 3rd when Nebraska mounted a 20 point comeback for the win.

Bonus points for Ndamukong Suh who ate Blaine Gabbert's ankle for dinner that night.

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Packers-Broncos Monday Night game from 1984. Notable for the Broncos returning two fumbles for touchdowns on the Packers first two possessions, and the comeback the Packers staged in the second half that fell just short.




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Dolphins vs. Cowboys, Thanksgiving 1993:


"It's Leon Lett...NOOO!!!"

I STILL don't understand this game. It was a Thanksgiving game, in snow, played by 2 warm weather teams. I didn't think Cowboy Stadium's roof hole was even that big.

ANYWAY. A weekend of rain and like 6 football games led to this MNF moment

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