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Bad weather football games


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Dolphins vs. Cowboys, Thanksgiving 1993:


"It's Leon Lett...NOOO!!!"

I STILL don't understand this game. It was a Thanksgiving game, in snow, played by 2 warm weather teams. I didn't think Cowboy Stadium's roof hole was even that big.

It seems that every Thanksgiving around here has some sort of rain associated with it. It just happens that it was really cold that day too. The DFW area isn't warm weather during the winter... That's why the Super Bowl was such a mess when it was here. It doesn't snow, it ices.

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The DFW area isn't warm weather during the winter... That's why the Super Bowl was such a mess when it was here. It doesn't snow, it ices.

Atlanta went through a similar freak ice episode right before Super Bowl XXXIV, and they've been told the city might never get another such game.

DFW goes through virtually the same thing in their Super Bowl, yet, NFL owners can't wait to play the ultimate game again at Jerry's World.

Money does talk.

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Best thread ive seen in some time. Loving every photo. Especially Favre in the snow. Always think of him in snow and mud and rain

Bucfan i was a big fan of the Raiders in the early 2000s. Gannon is one of my favorite QBs ever. Jolley was a heck of a TE too :)

Yeah he had a couple of solid seasons. He's actually a middle school math teacher now.

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And of course who would forget the famous "Mud Bowl" between the Los Angeles Rams and the Minnesota Vikings during the 1977 divisional playoff game. After so many years of going up to ole Met Stadium and losing each time during the postseason, the Rams finally got to host the Vikings in supposedly sunny California. However the Vikings brought more than just themselves to L.A. Coliseum, they brought the Minnesota weather to L.A. as well. The Vikings won the game 14-7 obviously because of the weather. I really love the Rams blue/gold combo when the weather is perfect, not so much during muddy, rainy weather. OTOH, the Vikings looked better in their away white unis during the elements. Had the weather been beautiful L.A. weather, the Rams likely would win going away (they did blowout the Vikes earlier I believe 35-3 during the perfect sunny L.A. weather). And who knows, might have played in the franchise first Super Bowl that year (I think they would have given the Cowboys a run for their money more than what the Vikings did the following week).



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How did they know which player to throw the ball to? Were the Vikings using stitched numbers? It looks like it, because the Rams were obviously using screened, which was the only reason you could see them at all.

I know football has always been played no matter what, but there really need to be exceptions. The Bengals and Chargers had no business playing on the Freezer Bowl day in 1982 and I it looks like the Vikings-Rams game above (and others in this thread) were compromised, as well. I know it's "tradition" to always play, but...

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How did they know which player to throw the ball to?

not as difficult as it might seem. QBs know where their guys are going to be. they could probably complete a 5 step drop and 10 yard Out with their eyes closed

And the receivers were probably a lot cleaner than anyone else. It looks the mud wasn't too bad outside the hash marks.

I played a game my senior year of high school where the only grass was about five yards right along the sideline and in the back of the end zone. Everybody looked like the players in that Rams-Vikings picture besides the receivers who were all relatively clean. I have pictures of that somewhere. The novelty of playing in horrible weather wears off once you realize that you can't move in a field that's entirely mud.

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You'll never see open seats at Lambeau again. I remember we won 21-0


2 other games that come to mind 1987 Packers vs Broncos tie 17-17 at Milwaukee and a Steelers at Dolphins game in 1992 I think, during a monsoon.

I believe that was November 26, 1989 when the Miami Dolphins lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers at Joe Robbie Stadium 34-14.



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Giants vs Pack NFC Championship and Favre's last game as a Packer.


The best photo from that game is this:


I was at that Packers game, and then the above 1989 Dolphins game I posted photos of was the first NFL game I'd ever attended.

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