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Bad weather football games


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27 minutes ago, insert name said:

Can we rename this Bad Weather Sports Games? I'm loving the football and soccer pics, I would love to see more from other sports.

Insert name,




The last part of the one-day cricket international between England and Australia in London in 1977 was played in driving rain:




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No pictures available, but this description suggests terrible conditions.


"The clash between Burnie and Penguin at West Park Oval, Burnie in a 1936 Tasmanian Australian rules football game was played in a steady downpour all day, and the conditions probably contributed to the fact that Penguin began the game with only 16 players, instead of the regulation 18. Despite this, Penguin put up a brave showing to be trailing by only 41 points - 8.10 (58) to 2.5 (17) with the game nearly over. Then a hurricane or mini-tornado hit the ground. With a gale-force wind and blinding rain, players found it impossible to keep their feet, and many laid down flat in the mud to try and gain some respite from the wind and rain.


For a time there was panic in the ground as the hurricane threatened to demolish the grandstand, and the Penguin side was further reduced as battered and drenched players staggered from the ground - only six Penguin players were left on the oval as the game ended. Burnie fared slightly better - eleven of their players were still on the oval when the game ended." -  report from 3AW Book of Footy Records.

Here are a couple of contemporary newspaper reports of the game:

Farcical Burnie Game


Players leave the field


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This picture is everything that is Buffalo football:




I believe this pic is from the BUF/OAK AFC Title Game... the massive snow drifts in front of a packed house of fans, the turtleneck, the classic hand-warmer, the weird Jim Kelly follow-through motion every 90s kid in Buffalo imitated... I had this same card personally signed by Jimbo when I met him as a kid

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