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Logolympiad voting

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Cant believe this thread actually fell over to page 2.We need to get on the votes people!Anyway,I'm sorry to see the Inagural Logolympiad closing,but I'm very much looking forward to it again someday.Here are my top three in what was one of the toughest to vote for in this competition.

1.GOLD-Paynomind...the Falcons are my fave team and he did 'em right with this

one!Just wish my concept(the flip/flop of Payno's)was accumulating votes!

2.SILVER-PittUnited....Putting the Lions in the old Michigan Panthers' colors was

a brilliant move and a job well done.

3-BRONZE-jpslapshot....The Stars are my fave hockey team by far and even

though I love their current scheme these colors could totally work for


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BRONZE (Tied): jkr devil and primal. Just because of the colors.

I dont know what your voting criteria is, but thats what the OBJECT of this contest was.. colors.. nothing else.. the jersys and what not are just for presentation, i dont think that everyone gets that.

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Last event, last vote....

This was truly an INCREDIBLE event WiB. I applaud you on your massive effort to this contest. It was amazing. Huge huge props for putting this on! I really miss it already. I wish there were one last massive event.

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Really, amazing work by all. I loved looking at the stuff. I only voted in one (The one I entered), but all were amazing. I think it worked: Everybody tried really hard becasue the bar was pushed up.

This contest made one thing clear: If my lifelong dream of purchasing a hockey team comes true, I'd pay you guys to come up with a logo.

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:shocked: Holy crap, lol.

Wow... definitely didn't think I'd get anywhere close to even a bronze on this one with all the ridiculously good entrees. Just amazing work by everyone involved.

Hopefully we won't have to wait 4 years for the next Logolympiad... definitely break this bad boy out again WiB, you did a fantastic job putting it together... and I think its safe to say it was a massive success.

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