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Sports Graphics Packages, Historically

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51 minutes ago, Cujo said:

Best CBS NFL gfx and it's not even close


Image result for 2008 broncos cbs




This package and the current one are probably my two favorites from CBS. The only thing I didn't like from this one was the "heartbeat" effect they had for team and network logos.


Since CBS will be debuting a new package for Sunday's game, I was thinking of doing one of their packages for my next collage. I was leaning towards doing the 2009-2012 AFC Championship package or the one used from Super Bowl 47 through the 2015 AFC Championship.

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2 hours ago, RyanMcD29 said:

This might be another hint towards what's to come on Sunday, too

[video removed]

There is way to much going on here, IMO:



Paint streaks, realistic beveled "plastic" renderings, outline mode logos on flat team colors, rotating cubes, and team name the plainest sans font possible. Feels like an El Camino swerving across six lanes of traffic, stylistically speaking.

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Yeah NBC is notorious for basically having the same design for a long time, even the current (non-SNF) graphics are not much different from 2012-2015, and 2006-09 and 2009-2012's graphics were very similar to each other.

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Boring. I thought the font would be better when we saw the lower quality picture but instead it's terribly generic. And the font is the only remotely interesting thing in the whole package so far.

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