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Sports Graphics Packages, Historically

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Going outside the box a bit.


Back in 2004, TNA Wrestling aired on Fox Sports Net. It's the only time I can recall a wrestling show having a scorebug in every match. Using the FSN scorebug made it feel like an actual sporting event. 


It was only limited to the image you see here. Everything else, like a wrestler's name during their entrance, was a custom TNA graphic. 


WWE SmackDown currently airs on FOX and FS1. Can use imagine the show featuring the current FOX Sports graphics during the matches?

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This is frustrating on so many levels. 



EDIT: I guess it wasn't obvious to everyone else as I thought. The AL are Blue and the NL are Red when it's typically the other way around. Found it mildly annoying.  E6Oe6JUWEAwn9FL?format=jpg&name=large

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I keep looking and trying to reproduce some pieces. The transparency, the kerning and the sizing are kind of strange in some moments, but it's lightyears better than all olympic graphics used before.

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On 7/14/2021 at 10:34 PM, insert name said:

This is frustrating on so many levels. E6Oe6JUWEAwn9FL?format=jpg&name=large



Maybe I'm missing something really obvious, but can you be more specific about what you think is so "frustrating" about this?  I think it looks okay. What am I missing?

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1 hour ago, SCalderwood said:



Maybe I'm missing something really obvious, but can you be more specific about what you think is so "frustrating" about this?  I think it looks okay. What am I missing?

I was slightly annoyed how the American League were blue and National League were Red when it's normally the other way around. 

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On 7/24/2021 at 10:45 AM, insert name said:

I was slightly annoyed how the American League were blue and National League were Red when it's normally the other way around. 



Ah, ok.  Understood.  To be fair though, the American league players were decked out in blue from head to toe.  Maybe that's why the scorebug people thought it would have looked wrong to have the National League assigned blue on the scorebug, 


I agree though, I wish the league were more consistent with these league color assignments in general.


I wonder how it would have looked with The AL wearing all red and the NL wearing all blue.  I mean if they're gonna go monochrome, why not fully embrace those league colors.

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17 hours ago, FSUViking said:

FOX with NFL-style score-bug for college.....but without logos. Just....colors. WTF.

They started this last year. Logos were up for Week 1, but for whatever reason they switched to the college name and AP/ CFP ranking (if necessary) the following week. Not sure what confusion was there when they had the logos on the score bug that led to the change.

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On 8/28/2021 at 11:51 AM, TrueYankee26 said:

CBS Super Bowl graphics in College Football. CBS Sports Network.


oh goodness i forgot about cbs new scorebug they debuted at the super bowl. i thought the one they had was bad but im not looking forward to watching cbs games this year lol.

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So... here's a big roundup of college scorebugs that are used right now. A state of the union for college ball, if you will.


Fox Sports (also BTN)

Basically the same as last year.  Curiously, they changed the touchdown pop-up they had before (which was a bit much in the first place) to one that looks like literal wordart from MS Office circa 2012.




Overall, the graphics aren't too intrusive, but they're a bit too blocky and industrial for my taste. Team logos aren't on the bug for some reason? It's nothing special.




CBS Sports

This was the big change this season, following the new graphics reveal from the past Super Bowl and matching CBS's overall branding.




The scorebug follows most of the same features as the previous one. The new font is nice, but a few things really irk me. First, the play clock looks very very off. The text isn't the same size as the game clock and down/distance text surrounding it, nor is it even aligned with them. The bug in general is very wide; there's acres of space between the team's record and the timeouts/score. The down/distance color matching the team's color is a nice touch that I'm glad they kept.


Another feature that held over from the previous scorebug was the stat popouts from the top of the bar. If the stat highlights one team's stats in particular, the other team's part of the bug is greyed out. The problem is that when one team's logo and colors are very dark and feature lots of unsaturated colors, it's hard to tell that it's even happening. Were it not for the team's logo on the statline, I wouldn't know what team they're talking about.




The touchdown graphic is nice. It's clean, it's exciting, it has a lot of motion, it matches the entire CBS-eye motif a lot of the other graphics do... it checks every box. Touchdown graphics in general have been trending towards big lower thirds rather than staying inside the bounds of the regular bug.


Overall, sleek, modern, and a needed refresh to CBS Sports' look, even if it has a few flaws.




ESPN/ABC (PAC 12, Big 10, Big 12, SEC, ACC, etc etc)

The college football graphics haven't changed on ESPN's side, and for very good reason. They're the best in the business when it comes to this stuff. Graphics are smartly organized,  very colorful, and it just screams "college football." I love in particular the use of very subtle textures everywhere. Stats and notes show up next to the team's score and the logo is kept in view. 




Sometimes the possession indicator is a bit hard to notice, especially when a team's primary/secondary colors are the same or when the team's secondary color is very dark.


Interstitials and CG work is absolutely stunning, as well. There's a lot more I could put here, but just know that everything is beautiful.






Pac-12 Network

Bootleg old CBS Sports graphics but with Gotham instead of DIN and a few other changes. It works, I guess. Very minimalist, small footprint on the screen (if it weren't for the massive bottom line not seen here because I don't want to put it here).








NBC (Notre Dame only)

They're still using the scorebug SNF used from 2015. Yes, it works, but it's just old and dated at this point. Why can't they just use the new (much better-looking) SNF graphics?






Bally Sports/Stadium/Sinclair[?] (Mountain West)

Apparently Bally Sports graphics for football exist. They're a mess.




The timeouts left indicator is very very ugly. Why does the game clock have milliseconds when they don't work?




Why can't they center the period in OT? Why do the out of town scores take up 60% of the bug, and why are they just text? It really is just like someone took the hockey or basketball bug and tried to make it usable for a football game in 30 minutes. The down indicator is ugly as all hell here, too.



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