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Ramseyball Concepts and template-Maybe we could do a contest


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bump. what the hell y no c+c?????

Well, i tink that its gud, but with ur arrow, ppl cud be confussed. They could think that the team plays in moose mouth, or moose snout, or even the small town of moose throat. Maybe u cud make a close up of a diagram of a moose's jaw. I also love ur use of the star of david. That was brilliant!

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Bump just cuz this thread is so awesome. And just so everyone knows, don't make fun of them cuz when i made them, i was only 6.

Why don't you take a break from this, kevsim. You are trying too hard

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The sad part is, it's all google translate. If you copy and paste his posts in there, it comes out as direct English. But If I'm not mistaken this has been the first time in a while that a dupe Cody account has come up. Unless some member is playing a sick joke on the community.

God help you, Cody.

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Hi everybodyz, Iz made a ramseyBalls 4 ur eyess. it is 4 da ariZona caRdinaLs. i cant belive dat nobody thought of dat alreadyz. I hope you luv it, cuz I made da logos by me selve. it taked my like maybe 5 minuTes but it still very very very hard. here it is


Iz put fethers on da mask cuz caRdinaLs has fethers. and beeks.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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