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So the company I am currently working for has announced a re-brand to the employees today.

Quick blurb on Farrow....known as Russell A Farrow Limited or Farrow Group up until today. We are a family owned business in the customs/logistics world. Our bread and butter is our Customs brokerage division.


Here is the logo that was replaced today:


The logo is supposed to be a mountain with a road (the "road to the top") in the middle and the red and black represents the 2 sides of the Canada/United States boarder. Currently all our trucks just have the logo on the side of the truck, no real design.

Today the new logo was released (we got golf shirts with the logo on it):


The logo has changed a read mountain-shaped "F" and the word mark is a grey colour.

I will post a better picture of the new logo when it becomes available on our internal website(should be available any minute now). Apparently we are getting new trucks with the red lines down the side and much needed face lift to the uniforms for our warehouse workers (as opposed to the current light blue shirt).

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better picture of the new logo.


And the new look for our trucks, which I think is pretty cool, considering our old trucks had no design at all.


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