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Yet another Dallas Stars concept. ANOTHER ONE.


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I know, I know, there's been plenty of these things popping up lately, but I really like this one.

I wanted to see how it would look if gold was incorporated into the new Stars' uniforms.

Turns out, it looks pretty damn good, in my opinion.

Here's what I mean:


Couple of things: the "leaked logo" thing is because this was made before the unveiling, and the "WE STAND ALONE" is both a pun on "Lone Star State" and the fact they are one of the very few Sunbelt teams to see success.

C&C if you want. I promise I won't get too upset if you don't like it.

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That's not gold, that's khaki/brown.

And I really like the copperish color he's using here, especially with the mint chocolate chip green. The only thing I'm not very fond of is the number font. The outlines are too thin, or you could go with another font instead.

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