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Ok. Back safe and sound on American soil. (whether or not thats for the best who knows haha) but here is the next installment as promised from Vienna. The name is taken from the literal translation of Osterreich (Austria's native name) which is the "Eastern Empire." The main theme here is centered on the Austrian flag whose red and white stripes are present in all three marks. The architecture in the secondary is based off of the Gloriette which is behind Schonbrunn Palace. Here are the Vienna Empire:


And heres a bonus update on SoKor

Reworked the primary.


Up next will be the Unis and Court for the last ten






W. Virginia

Santo Domingo




{Not necessarily in that order.}

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What sucks is that I love the color combo, but I think that a brighter red would scream Austria more. Although I like the secondary, I have to agree about the detailing. But, I love the update for South Korea. Glad to have ya back safe and sound, and lookin forward to the rest of the teams!

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I see nothing but Latvia in all 3 marks, as you said...

Good to have ya back!

Haha ya that could get confusing if the there were a team in Riga.

Approve of the New SK look?

Oh yeah, South Korea's a thing of beauty. No real complaints there.

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Fantastic update. I like the V better as the secondary, and the primary is just flat out amazing. And the red is now a perfect color. Not too bright, not too dark. And that wordmark is one of my favorites in the whole series. And adding the black in there really helps things pop.

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The 2 swooshes in the circled on the court aren't the same. The blue one is closer to the black putlimne than the red one. Blue ends midway between the m in comets, while red ends at the o.

Fixed that!


And heres the set for Milwaukee. I decided to keep the name the 46ers. The other option "48ers" works...maybe even more given the historical significance. That said 46ers has quite a bit of significance too and I think it would be more recognizable given its on the flag and all. I dunno tough call. I like the jerseys a lot tho!




Sorry my pace has been so much slower...life and all.

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South Korea's court is definitely one of my favorites. They were a top-10 team. I like Milwaukee's set. The alternate can be considered quite busy, but I like the diamond placements on the home and away, but maybe you could make the diamonds bigger on the alternate. And I can't complain at all with Nashville.

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