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PDC - The Professional Dodgeball Coalition


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I really love the logo great job! My only complaint is the every time I look at the name I see :censored:ertails. So there's that.

Thats really funny! Didn't notice it myself. Not really sure i can fix that with the "LI" dynamic and all and really I kinda like in in a "Disney Innuendo" sense.

Woo! Love it. Mayyybe make the tail a tad bushhier, but it looks really good as is. Great update.

Their tails aren't bushy at all though, thats what really make them pretty distinct.

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That alt makes me happy. Don't get me wrong, the rest of the set does too :D But that alt makes me happy... And I'm also glad you decided to do the pattern-on-back thing for the home and away, and that you also decided to keep the head logo in the set as well. Looking forward to the court!

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Love me a Canadian team! :D Just enough realism here, in both the tree ring pattern, and the exe. Simple, but the patterns work together, demonstrate realism without going way overboard.

EDIT: 100 posts for this thread from tops in the concept forum!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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