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PDC - The Professional Dodgeball Coalition


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The Professional Dodgeball Coalition had come to a decision regarding the future of the league. It has been determined that despite the current worldwide popularity of the sport, financially speaking, the PDC in its current state is not sustainable. In smaller markets and with travel expenses and salaries divided among 128 teams, projections show that the league would be broke within 7 years. A plan has been but in place for a profitable growth throughout the years. Therefore next season the PDC will be competed in a 32 team league in North America. The best of the best will be drafted and it is the hope that one day the PDC will compete with other top sports leagues across the continent.

The upcoming Coalition Cup Grand World Championship Tournament will be a major tool in selecting the 32 host cities for the future of the league. It is the hope that the Grand World Championship can become a major event every four years to rival FIFA and FIBA. In addition the leagues contract with UnderArmour has been decided to not be renewed and a new, more lucrative deal has been agreed to with Adidas in principle to be the official uniform provider and sponsor of the PDC. Other sponsorship deals are in the works as well.

This will not effect the proceedings going forward until the Cup has been decided. Look forward too a new take on 32 concepts selected. For now here is a sneak peak of what Adidas will have in store for the PCC by way of my new template I will be using for the presentation of the PDC 2.0!!


I found the jersey template online but the vector link wasn't active so I recreated it. Hope you like it!

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