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PDC - The Professional Dodgeball Coalition


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That is definitely one of the best logos you have made, IMO. Looks like a really bold and sharp set!

I know right.. I really like this one. Kinda throwing together the Euro Brackets as I type this and Im excited to see how that division shakes out. Athens (one of my personal favorites) Paris (very highly ranked) Rome's no slouch and now this. Of course the rest of the set will play a big role I'm sure.

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All of these...geez. I think Lisbon is my favourite of the new 3, but they're all up there. Loving the red and yellow of the Lynx too. Could ya just fill in the small hole in between the ... "branches" of the antlers? There's a little bit of the lighter blue visible , not really needed.

EDIT: And I can start ranking those 3 completed international divisions

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Have you done perth

Interesting Question.

Simple answer: No

But given my plans, in a sense yes Perth is done minus a few tweaks.

I plan on finishing the Oceania Division once Im done with Europe. So the best answer I can give is Stay tuned!

For now heres the finish on Lisbon!



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