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Yep thats right. Sorry about that. Thanks for the help though!

Any request for the next team for me to do? I'd like to rotate conferences, so one from the Southern or Eastern Conference

:P no problem. Are you taking team name suggestions or do you already have a few or all of the names?

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I have a few Ideas for the team names. But with a lot of them I wanna really do some research and find something that fits. But I'm definitely open to suggestions. Just can't decide which city to do next now.

UPDATE: Doing NOLA next. Will take request for a city from the Eastern Conf.

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Maybe a few suggestions:

Nashville or Memphis could be the Rhythm if you want to go with more of a music theme. Maybe the Swing? Brass?

Memphis is on the Mississippi River, the Rivermen? Rowers? There's a steam boat on their flag. Steamboats? Steamers?

Maybe call the team name location name Tennessee. Tigers is kind of boring. Towers? pretty lame...

Maybe move one to chattanooga and call them the choochoos!

Also, Maybe call the team in NYC the Skylines or skyliners?... or apples...

Update: Ugh! again. I did say some NYC suggestions. Do you know what the name for NOLA will be?

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I decided to redo my template so that you could see details better. I referenced the Rip-Ball league for the layout idea and tried to make it my one. I incorporated Indy and Boise to the new temp. so I gonna post the new versions. I also just finished NOLA. Hope you enjoy!!





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The NOLA jerseys aren't doing it for me, but I do really like the entire set. Can't wait for the next one. And also, I said that the name 'skyliners' might work for NYC. If you have another name in mind, you could put the in Toronto. Maybe make a big CN Tower the T? Just a thought.

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Haha yea I actually had that exact thought when you firstsaid skyliners, with toronto having the skydome and all. I actually was thinking of extending "l" as the cn tower tho. Currently working on Carolina. And came up with a slew of ideas for names at work last night. The next four I plan on doing are Toronto, Phoenix, Memphis, and Brooklyn. I'll probably rework the nola jerseys too at some point. Thanks for the input everyone.

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I Have Some New Ideas to Bring Dodgeball Team Names that you are working on, Can you do the ones that carried over from Season 3 of Extreme Dodgeball to see how it will look like in the PDC?

- Chicago Hitmen (United Center)

- Denver Hurlers (Pepsi Center)

- Detroit Spoilers (The Palace of Auburn Hills)

- Los Angeles Armed Response (Staples Center)

- New York Bling (Madison Square Garden)

- Philadelphia Benjamins (Wells Fargo Center)

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