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American Baseball League: THREAD IS DEAD


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A couple nitpicky things.

On the American conference logo, the seam lines don't extend fully to meet up with the A along the top.

On the large baseball caps, shouldn't the logo sit on top of the seam?

I also think the words in the roundel logo could be bigger.

But overall this is a great start. I love the colour scheme graphic, makes me excited to see what comes next.

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­The New Mexico Suns joined the league in 1973 in hopes of bringing a championship to the Land of Enchantment, however those hopes are not yet reality. The Suns have not yet won an ABL championship, coming as close as the conference championship series. The franchise last made the playoffs in 1997, and have been stuck in the cellar ever since. Not surprisingly, the Suns have ridden the coaching carousel too many times in recent years, having 7 different managers in the 15 years since their last playoff year. Ricardo Hernandez, the young centerfielder, and veteran closer Tim Holloway appear to be the only hopes for a winning season.

The uniforms and logos for the Suns are inspired by the state flag of New Mexico. The primary logo incorporates the sun, baseball stitches, and a “Suns” script, and is featured on the sleeve. The cap logo replaces the script with an “NM” monogram. The NM is also found on the home alternate jersey. The sleeve piping, collar piping, and pants piping are meant to mimic the primary logo, tying the set together.







C&C Appreciated! The next team probably won't be up for over a week, but it is completed, so sit tight until then!

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I do very much like the look of the New Mexico set, it's a well done combo of traditional New Mexican symbols with baseball.

However, one possible issue is that the logo on the flag, while meant to represent the sun, is actually called a Zia symbol, from Native Americans in the area. As such, I am not sure the name of the club would be the Suns but instead perhaps something using the Zia name which is commonly used for a variety of things in the area. That does run into some issues on how or whether to pluralize the name and could lead to disagreements in that area but overall it'd give the team a more New Mexican feel.

Saying all that, I don't think the Suns name would be universally hated in the region or anything, especially being connected to such a strong and classic overall look.

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The Philadelphia Liberty are another original ABL franchise, formed in 1936. The nickname is an obvious reference to the Liberty Bell, housed in Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They have won 7 ABL Championships; the first in 1943 and the most recent in 1990. Owen Fields was the captain of the 1990 squad, leading the team with 123 RBIs, 47 homeruns, and dozens of dazzling plays at shortstop. Fields has since been elected to the ABL Hall of Fame, and is considered by some to be one of the better shortstops to ever play the game.

Fast-forward nearly a quarter of a decade to today, and the Liberty becomes a franchise rich in talent but low in wins. Andres Carlson and Burton Porter are two shortstops that are both trying to fit in the infield. Up-and-coming pitcher Jayson Williams has been in the big leagues for a little over a full season, and is showing he has what it takes to be the future leader of the Liberty.

The uniforms for the Liberty are a modernized version of their early 1970s set. They are said to be the “inventors of the double-outline” in the world of sports logos. The primary logo is the Liberty Bell double-outlined with the home “Liberty” script sitting on top of it. The Bell is used by itself on the batting practice caps. The scripts and other logos are a simple, basic serif font that represents what the team wants its clubhouse to be like: no sparkle, no glamor, just baseball.








C&C Appreciated!

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The top of the Liberty Bell looks too French... literally. The top of the Liberty Bell looks like the French flag with the blue/white/red stripes you have on it now. Maybe switch it up and make it red/white/blue? Other than the Philly set I really like the series so far. New Mexico and Iowa look great; Philadelphia looks kinda bland to me though.

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