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Charlotte Bobcats


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The actual jerseys will supposedly be relatively conservative from what I was told.

I know the guy who designed them, and he told me that they didn't stray very far from what's considered "normal" in current fashion.

He also hinted that the roads will be Orange.

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Pantone, were the Bobcat uniforms created in-house at the NBA, like many of the logos, or created elsewhere? Just wondering how much the NBA does themselves to control the product. Either way, dang if I wouldn't love working on that kind of stuff.

I think they said that P.Diddy was making them... or did I hear that wrong?


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Actually, P. Diddy's doing the Mavericks' new alternates.

The guy who worked on the Bobcats' logo and uniforms is the guy who used to be the Creative Director for the NBA, but he's now on his own.

I haven't seen them (the Bobcats'), but he assured me that they would be fairly traditional.

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