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Wonka's NHL Redesign : Philadelphia Flyers 3rd idea.


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for the lightning, i think the second accent of silver (between the blue) should be black.

home: black jersey, white stripe, grey accent, blue stripe, black accent, blue bottom

away: white jersey, black stripe, grey accent, blue stripe, black accent, blue bottom

The problem with this. And same goes to the comment before this: The black and blue are pretty dark in color. I tried doing this (and eliminating the white on the home jersey) And It really took away the effect I wanted. With this suggestion it was almost pointless changing it to black since you could barely see it. It might aswell not have been there. With taking away the white stripe (replying to the comment before this) It really took away the transition to the blue. Leaving the black jersey pretty flat in color. Did I explain that well enough? Not sure if I got that across or not, but thanks for the thoughts.

I'd buy those Lightning jerseys tomorrow if they went on sale!

Nice work!

Wow, thanks. I really do think they are my favorite set as of right now. I tried to give a nice nod to their Stanley Cup winning days, but without copying the design.

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Final Team. Thanks to everyone that has followed along with this series. I'm putting all the concept sets on my blog (haven't made one yet but I'll post the link on the main topic post) so that everyone can see my NHL designed league without having to go on adventure to find every team. First time finishing a series which is always a great thing, and thanks to the people that followed along and commented with their thoughts which kept me going. So thank you all!

This isn't it though. Next part of this series. A third jersey series. I will not be doing a third jersey for every team, as I think not every team should have a third jersey. For teams with no third jersey I will be making a Winter Classic..or 'outdoor game' jersey. Also, some quick extras along the way.



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Quite like the away of the Sens set, think if the home red had matching black sleeves would look better. The yoke design is interesting but I personally would fill the rest of the yokes with black rather than the primary jersey color, and then maybe make the jersey bottoms black as well for symetry(sp?)with the sleeves. Striping on this is well done tho. Nice set.

I like the concept for the Lightning, and especially think the striping pattern is clever but feel as if the design of the uniforms looks a little too busy. I would think removing the yokes might be better looking... Or maybe matching them up to the striping à bit more instead of the single color yokes.

Oilers is alright... Liked the Oil drop concept, this one is pretty basic. Think the home would look better without the full white bottom.

Blues looks good. Road sleeves could maybe be blue as well?

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Pretty good, but there's a couple of things.

First, I'd ditch the vertical yoke striping.

And then I'd make the cuffs on the home sweater black, and remove the small white stripe on the road sweater on the sleeve and make it all black past the striping.

I like the direction though.

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I like it. I approve of getting rid of the pointless different colored name plate. The yoke and stripes are vintage Flyers. Good work.

On the orange jerseys, the colored nameplates aren't pointless at all. Black on orange is actually harder to read here than white on orange.
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Late to the party but am really liking where you went with the Lightning. A bit busy but a team like that could use some gimmicky designs for the charm factor.

It's all good! Welcome to the party! And that's exactly my thoughts on the Lightning.

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The first two 3rd's had a throwback feel. I guess this one can technically be called a throwback in a way. But it's the first one that I think its modern and more unique. Sabres:


NEXT: Calgary. If you are wondering about the hem. It's supposed to be a 'burnt' version of the striping on the arms.


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Getting a West Seneca Wings vibe from the Sabres 3rd... but it's unique, and I like it.

Both are great, as always.

My old team played the West Seneca Wings a few times. Small world.

I am from West Seneca. Smaller world.

I just wish the Flames would dump the black,except maybe--maybe--as trim--not a main or even accent colour.

I agree. As an alternate though I always like the 'ash' colored jersey.

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