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Bleacher Report Bad Article/Comment Aggregator Thread


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We have one for HF Boards, so it's only fitting that we have one for Bleacher Report, where promising journalism careers go to die. Hardly some of their worst (best?), but here's somebody's Stanley Cup odds for next year, including completely pulled-out-of-their-ass numbers and figures.

"The Red Wings need to get some more players who can put the puck in the net. That could return them to serious contender status" (Really......?)

"The Blackhawks are at the top of the NHL, so there's only one direction to go—and that's down. The fall is unlikely to come in 2013-14." (Promptly ranks them with the second-highest odds)

"The Penguins may have a flaw or two, but there's only about two or three teams in the league that could expose them. They are not going to fall anytime soon." (May have a flaw or two? You literally just finished explaining how the goaltending "can no longer be trusted", the defence "has problems", and how the offence disappeared in the playoffs. Bonus: Only a few teams can expose them? Bud, if the New York friggin' Islanders can expose them, I'm pretty sure there are more than two or three teams.)

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I've been writing for B/R as a Featured Columnist for a few years now. While many of their writers are excellent and provide great opinionated angles, there's just as much of a crop of terrible writers in their pool.

I've also written for my school newspaper as an editor and have published in many different pubs and covered things like high school football, top-end recruiting and the SEC tournaments.

Needless to say, that stuff goes on my resume'. B/R is just kind of where I have fun and lure Twitter followers...lol

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They have great pictures occassionally, but their breaking news often is broken in pieces as it is completly wrong, According to them, the Islanders had Jonthan Bernier.

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Bleacher Report, and websites like it, give those with no credentials or background in journalism, the sense that they actually matter.

Bleacher Report is awful, but your fundamental premise that one needs journalism credentials to "matter" as a writer is insidious and dumb. The best sportswriting going today isn't coming from mainstream journalists.

EDIT: come to think of it, aren't you the same guy who said journalists have no right to rip on Bryzgalov for sucking his way out of the NHL because They Never Played The Game? If so, are the only people allowed to speak on issues those who have attained a journalism degree and played in a major league?

Good for Bryzgalov. The media is mostly filled with guys who have never put on a pair of skates in their life, so it's nice to see them reminded of that every once in a while.

They only matter until they don't matter.

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