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MLB Jersey Pricing


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It's also not quite true. Maybe for customizing your own name, but they have standard rates for players on the roster.

A blank CoolBase authentic road jersey (wordmark version) with World Series Champions patch costs $211.99.


That same jersey with the name/number of any current player is $273.99. Doesn't matter if it's Brandon Belt's #9 or Bumgarner's #40.


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I seem to recall reading that the CoolBase material is too thin to support the Blue Jays' logo patch.

That can't be right, though, since they sell road CoolBase jerseys.

I'm torn...I'm not sure whether to find that hilarious or sad.

That's what I was quoted at the Giants team store. To put anything it's $10 per letter or number, $10 shipping, $15 to sew the patch on.

Good thing the homes are nameless then, eh?

Far as having options, all three Cubs jerseys are still available in doubleknit or coolbase.

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I presume the Brewers' throwbacks are double-knit for the same reason the Yankee jerseys are - coolbase can't handle pinstripes well.

That doesn't stop other teams who wear pinstripes, like the Cubs or Mets.

They are different styles of pinstripes. The Yankees wear zig-zag pinstripes, the Mets specifically don't. The zig-zag is sewn into the material, the Mets' pinstripes look for lack of a better term printed into the material. I have the Mets cream pinstripe COOLBASE at home, and I've seen the Yankees' jersey in person. Henderson has a really good pic of the Yankees' pinstripes up-close. I think Rawlings sells their blank pinstripe jerseys for team sales with the same sewn-in zig-zag pinstripes.

Maybe they can't replicate the stitching. I just assumed it was that the Yankees didn't want the pinstripes interrupted by the gussets.

And Lukas had a link back when the Jays re-branded that said they didn't want to wear COOLBASE at all because the jerseys didn't hold up as well and most of the players preferred the thicker jerseys (I think Joey Bats was specifically asked in the piece).

And I forgot to mention that the Padres, I think, have the player option as well. They switched back from all COOLBASE to player option whatever Mike Adams' last season in SD was, because he went to the doubleknit jersey.

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I seem to recall reading that the CoolBase material is too thin to support the Blue Jays' logo patch.

That can't be right, though, since they sell road CoolBase jerseys.

They went to double-knot at the players' request when they rebranded. I believe they didn't like how it "trapped the sweat" and became uncomfortable.

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The Yankees/MLB don't sell Yankee Cool Base jerseys because they don't wear Cool Base; even on the road. All other authentics, other than throwbacks (or the Rays fauxbacks) are now Cool Base.

The Blue Jays don't wear/sell Cool Base jerseys either, which is a shame because I love my Red Sox Cool Base jersey, it's really comfortable in the heat.

what about the blue jays? I heard they couldnt be made for cool base

I seem to recall reading that the CoolBase material is too thin to support the Blue Jays' logo patch.

That can't be right, though, since they sell road CoolBase jerseys.

I've never seen the Jays wear Cool Base road jerseys nor have I seen them in the team store.

But it doesn't have the Cool Base tagging:


This one does:


I can confirm that the Blue Jays do not wear Coolbase uniforms.

I'll compare the new Blue Jays alternate to the Texas Rangers Red Alternate I own (both authentics).


Notice the Cool Base tagging on the left outside hem of the torso.

Also: The Majestic "jock tag" on this uniform is screen-printed onto the coolbase fabric directly.


No "cool base" tag on the outside hem, also- this majestic jock tag is fabric embroidered and sewn onto the torso.



Spotlight on the Blue Jays lack of "armpit vent mesh" present on the coolbase Rangers jersey.

Also- whatever materiel the new Blue Jays jersey is made out of: it is a lot thicker and heavier weight than the Rangers coolbase uniform.

Both garment tags inside of the jerseys show they are manufactured by VF Imagewear in Kentucky.

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The Jays is standard double-knit polyester. Majestic COOLBASE is incredibly similar to their competitions' version of the breathable performance jerseys. Nike's original Dri-FIT baseball jerseys were identical in material. The material that Reebok is selling in team sales as their performance material is also nearly identical. I have examples of each. If not for the Majestic gussets, you'd never know the difference.

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man i remember like 10 years ago(witch still dont seem like that long ago) it was like 50 for nfl/nba and 60-70 for nhl/mlb. i mean i want some jerseys but i just can justify dropping that amount on that but i want the real deal jersey not a fake

Yeah, it's insane. Being a Yankees fan, even the replicas piss me off:


WHY IS THE NAME THERE??? It'd be cheaper to make it without the name, right? So why bother. I can't afford an authentic, but the replica just isn't right...

I once asked an executive at Modells about that. Replicas have names because A> it encourages people to buy more jerseys i.e. if i have a number 25 yankees jersey with no name i might continue to wear it after Texiera leaves. But if it says Texiera I'd get a new one. B> It encourages people to buy high-priced authentics that Don't have names on the back if that's what they want.

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