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2013 NFL Season week by week uniform match-up combos


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So we are about 2 weeks from the HOF Game and everyone seemed to enjoy this the past 2 seasons so let us get it going again.

Remember any combos posted prior to game or posted prior to an announcement by the team are an assumption and will be updated as needed.

Preseason Hall of Fame Game
Dolphins @ Cowboys

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How do they decide who is the home team in the HOF game? Does it alternate between the conferences like in the Super Bowl?

Not sure, but it could be something as simple as a coin flip. I don't think it would matter much for this match up. If the Dolphins are the home team, they would probably pick the aqua jerseys because it's a night game. If Dallas is the home team, they would pick the white jerseys.

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Panthers jersey colors for 2013. Will wear white against the Bears. http://scottfowlerobs.blogspot.com/2013/07/panthers-win-greatest-uniform-ever.html.

If the helmet logo printed on my ticket and the special Wall of Fame event are any indication, the Bills will be in their all-white, standing-buffalo alternative throwback uniforms in week 2, which is against the Panthers. So that may be one more date for the Panthers' black jerseys (and black pants, perhaps?).

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Redskins @ Titans



Are you sure the Titans are going to wear white for their preseason home game against Redskins? Usually, if it is a night game (preseason or not) the Titans will wear their light blue jerseys at home and the visiting team the white uniforms. If it is a early afternoon game in September (when the temperatures are still warm) then the Titans will wear their white jerseys. I think they will wear the light blue jerseys/dark blue pants during that game, and the Redskins will wear white/gold or white/burgundy combo. But who knows?

Otherwise, you are accurate for the rest of the jersey combos. I do expect the Buccaneers to wear all-white at home (they usually do in preseason games). The Browns usually wear brown unis for preseason games, but I wouldn't be surprised if they do wear their white at home.

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