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2013 NFL Season week by week uniform match-up combos


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Jets usually go all white in preseason home games.

Also, have u heard anything about the dolphins aqua pants or is that just an assumption?

Any combos posted prior to game or posted prior to an announcement by the team are an assumption and will be updated as needed.

New uniforms and they have worn Aqua over white and all white already so I am just taking a stab that they will break out the Aqua pants for the fans to see.

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I knew about the logo. For some reason I thought a new redesign came with the new identity. Watching highlights, it doesn't look much different than the previous set, with newer wordmarks.

It's been a long offseason. I'm old and forgetful now.


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Though there is still no word yet as to when the Atlanta Falcons will wear their black throwback uniforms (with the red helmets), the team typically uses them against (current or former) division rivals. In 2009, the Falcons wore the black throwbacks against the Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints. In 2010, it was against (former division rival) San Francisco. For the past two seasons (2011 and 2012), the Falcons have used the black throwbacks against the Panthers and Saints.

SO...preliminary signs point to the Week 12 Thursday Night game (November 21) against the Saints and the regular-season finale in Week 17 (December 29) against the Panthers as to when the Falcons will use their black throwbacks for the 2013 season.



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Jags back on black today, meaning Jets likely going all white


I had a feeling this would happen. I was ready to see those whites. Oh well, we will get a lot of the whites this year. The first six games of the year will be all white.

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Still no word yet as to when the San Diego Chargers will wear their powder blue jerseys, though MY BEST GUESS is that the October 14 Monday Night game vs. the Colts in Week 6 could be one of them. The Chargers are likely to wear white for their first two home games (vs. the Texans in Week 1 and vs. the Cowboys in Week 4). They usually wear powder blue against at least one division rival *, however, the Week 10 game vs. the Broncos can likely be scratched off. The NFL conducts its annual Salute to Service campaign in November in honor of Veterans' Day, and since the Broncos' game is their only November home game, it's likely that the Chargers will don their standard navy blue jersey. (Teams that have navy blue as either a primary or an alternate jersey typically wear navy blue as a tribute to the U.S. Military.) So, out of their other four home games — Bengals in Week 13, Giants in Week 14, Raiders and Chiefs in the final two weeks — my prediction is that the Raiders' game in Week 16 will be the second of their "powder blue" games.

* 2007 and 2008 vs. the Raiders; 2009 vs. the Chiefs and Raiders; 2010 vs. the Raiders; 2011 and 2012 vs. the Broncos.


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