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Best Color Scheme in Sports


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I've always liked Central Michigan's Maroon and Yellow.

Even though I dislike the University itself, they do have a great look. The Washington Redskins, Chicago Wolves and University of Minnesota do a pretty decent job with that scheme as well.

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I also love off white jerseys. Wasn't the Rangers winter classic jersey off-white? Also, You wouldn't usually think that Purple and Off-white work together, but I've gotta say, these jerseys are really good looking.


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For some reason, I've always loved the way North Dakota State uses their colors.


Green and gold can definitely be sexy if used properly.

I think it's not necessarily a teams color scheme itself (since so many use the same thing) but rather how it's used in a uniform set. I love the uniqueness of this ND State set. I think a lighter green like this and yellow is a very underutilized color combo. I can't think of any D-1 schools that use it besides George Mason (I'm sure there must be a few others). The '80s Sonics, A's and the old North Stars come to mind for the pros.

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IMO, another very under-used color combo that looks great.

I think the Whalers did it better, but still a classy combo.


It's a two-fer, Showing the uniform I was talking about and a goalie in the wrong gear.

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