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New Pro Bowl Format means new uniform desigs/colors, right?

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They should have a vote, every 2 years the fans pick the colors. So say one color set is ... purple and yellow and the other is blue and silver. One year, Team 1 will wear the home version of purple and yellow and Team 2 will wear the away version of blue and silver. The next year Team 1 goes away version of purple and yellow and team 2 goes home blue and silver. Then for the next year, they vote again for different colors.

Or..... (and I know this will never happen), how about honoring the reigning Super Bowl champion by using its color scheme and/or design elements to model both uniforms? (this idea very loosely based on MLB's All Star Game, where the host colors are used for AL and NL jerseys... and Hawaii having no NFL team, of course)

I actually think that's a good idea.

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I think they should just wear their team uniform. So, let's say Team Rice is at home they wear their dark jerseys Team Sanders is away they wear their whites. Keep it simple and prevent Nike from making the game an even bigger joke with some wacky insane template and "rad" textures and designs.

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