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NFL Redesign 2014: Pro Combats (Added Tampa Bay)


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Thanks to a helpful rant from a Bills fan, I have finally updated and made the Bills more consistent.


So, because i'm keeping the red jersey as a Canada-only, the navy blue stays. Anyways, The main update is consistency. All the jerseys have the same sleeve stripes and sleeve colors. The Navy pants have also been made consistent and the helmets now have a navy facemask and the red helmet stripe has been changed slightly. C and C this and soon, I'll have Carolina up. Be warned, Nike got a hold of the Panthers

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Much improved, however something about the navy ones look a bit off to me. And now that I look at it more closely I think it's the sleeves. I think the two blues work best together when one is just barely complementing the other. But for consistencies sake its great

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Just a few things:

-Make the predominant color of the sleeves the same color as the rest of the jersey on all sets.

-Get rid of the navy alternate and pants. The Patriots already have navy covered. Also, unlike the Titans the two blues you have for the Bills probably won't look that significantly different to fans (unless they think they're going crazy).

-Pick one helmet. I'd go with the red helmet myself.

-The red alternate is fine, but I'd wear it for a game in Buffalo rather than in Toronto. If you have to have a special jersey, use it in front of the fans in your hometown. If anywhere the fans in Buffalo are the ones who should see the alternates in action. Meanwhile, wear the regular uniforms in Toronto because you're still introducing yourself and your brand to them.

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This is the final update to the Bills


If you can't read the bold print, I'm sorry. This is the last time I'll work on the Bills. The biggest change is the Navy is now Canada only and the Red can be used in the States, or even in Canada if they want. Stripes are the same, and the outermost outline is now white because the royal isn't completely visible so its now white. Give me some last words and I'll get Carolina rolling later.

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This was fun to design. Carolina isn't an old team, so they should have some more progressive uniforms. Anyways, for the normal set, sliver has become white. With that being said, the Panthers have been overhauled.

Helmets: White and Black helmets with a panther stripe motif. No grey facemasks, but Carolina Blue facemasks.

Jerseys: The jerseys aren't too much different from what they have now, but they are. Blue, White, Black jerseys are here, a stripe wraps around a different color sleeve and hey guess what, scratch marks like the newer wordmark are on the shoulders.

Pants. Black and white pants, no blue pants, because I really don't really feel like the blue monochrome would work. Stripes and claw marks motif is repeated here.

PRO COMBAT: Silver jerseys and silver pants with every ones favorite... GRADIENTS!! the jersey fades from blue to silver, and the pants fade in the other direction.

C and C this. I feel like this could get torched or well liked

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The purple helmet was way better than that pride one you have there.

Pride helmet is gone, the ones up there are the normal black one, and a gradient one to show that what Jacksonville did can work, but with different colors

TBH I think it only shows that gradients don't work, regardless of color.

That being said, I think a Ravens helmet in the style of the Jags old helmet (looks black until light hits it one way, then it is dark teal) with the black turning to midnight purple or whatever it is they use, would be really cool.

So basically flip the colors on the gradient helmet?

No, it's not a gradient.


Remember these? They looked black until light shined directly on them, then you could tell they are actually teal.

I actually like those helmets...why they went with their current abomination, I'll never know.

Sorry to vear off topic, but was catching up on the thread and saw those.

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What if you made the sleeve cuffs on the jersey the same color as the sleeve design, and make the collars always black? That would be consistent, because I'm having a hard time figuring out your reasoning here.

Switch the numbers on the white jersey to black and on the black jersey to white just to help out with the contrast.

As for the procombat set, its a great idea and I would love to see how it translated to real life. Also, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'd say go for a silver helmet with a blue gradient to match the jersey. It's the Panthers. You might as well.

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Some minor updates. All the cuffs on the sleeves are the same colors as the sleeves, the collars are all black, numbers on the blue are black, numbers on the black are blue, just for contrast and the Pro Combat gained a similar helmet.

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