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The Official MLB Random Year Expansion! *Texas Rangers and POLL ADDED*

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Here is an update to the KC Royals.


Division: N/A

Colors: Royal Blue, White

Ballpark: Municipal Stadium

Era: Post-World War II

In 1955, the Philadelphia Athletics (est. 1901) relocated to Kansas City, and brought along the navy and red Athletic colors. In this random expansion, we look at how Kansas City's jerseys would've looked had they created their own team.

Zipper vests. Vests with zippers. Not buttons....ZIPPERS! The same KC logo from that year would've obviously been used, and is featured on the caps. The 'Royals' and 'Kansas City' scripts are featured on the off-white home and gray road respectively, but not tilted. The Swingin' King logo is very representative of that era as well. Did I mention the vests have ZIPPERS?


Old Version:


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MINNESOTA TWINS (since 1931)

Division: N/A

Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, White

Ballpark: Lexington Park

Era: Liveball Era

In 1931, teams began to experiment with different styles. Specifically, the colored placket (the part where the buttons are) became popular around that time. Here is an example of that style. This concept features 3 home jerseys. The first two feature 'STP' for St. Paul (where their home field is) on the front, and 'M' for Minneapolis on the sleeve. The difference being their hats and socks style. The third home features the well known "TC" twin cities logo on a more traditional style jersey. As for the road jersey, it has a similar style to the home jerseys, but the 'STP' logo differs....a common occurrence in the 30's.

Extra points go to the member who can tell me where these jerseys are derived from.


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That logo on the bottom right uniform is the old St. Paul Saints logo. I'd have to assume the others are also. Not sure about the blue/yellow hat, but the rest is something I could see them wearing way back when.

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BEAUTIFUL concepts all-around...you got me HYPED about whatever your White Sox concept is gonna be.

I am actually going to postpone the White Sox until tomorrow. I've been playing around with a few years, but I am still not sure which one is best. I will post Houston right now actually. Thanks for the compliment.

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Do you plan on doing other leagues too, such as the NBA, NFL, and NHL? Just curious because you've done a pretty good job all around with these.

I think Houston could use an update, but I'm not too worried on it looking bad because your updates are MUCH better than your original sets, and those are pretty good too

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Probably the only dissapointed one I have seen so far. I was really hoping for something steller for the Astros, who have such an awesome look and name to them, not really feeling it.

This is awfully plain for a team made in 2013

I think Houston could use an update, but I'm not too worried on it looking bad because your updates are MUCH better than your original sets, and those are pretty good too

Change the font to something more modern make the rings go outside the whole logo. I'd remove the gradient form the logo because major leagues don't seem to do that right now.

Houston looks too plain and doesnt say 2013 to me at all

Hahaha I was almost forced to change it. Thanks for the feedback. Although this update is minimalistic, I think it looks better than the original.

Here is the new wordmark...


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HOUSTON ASTROS (since 2013)

Division: American League West

Colors: Blue, White, Red

Ballpark: Minute Maid Park

Era: Current Era

When the Houston Astros moved to the AL West, the reverted back their original mid-60's look. However, what if they were an expansion team instead?

This concept is one of my faves!!! The logo is perfect for the name "Astros". The jerseys do not feature the red color, other than the sleeve patch. The alternate home features simply the secondary logo on the chest (similar to SF's road alternates), and is worn on Sundays. The second alternate can be worn at home or on the road.


Old Version:


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