Quick Washington Redskins tweak

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I am a Redskins fan, and why I like the overall aesthetics of their look, there are a few things that bother me about it, so I made a few changes.

Primary Logo


I went to the single season 1982 "curled feather" logo, as I feel that with the current logo with the feathers hanging vertically means the Native American head/circle part gets shrunk a little more than necessary, especially on merchandise but also on the helmet. I also recolored the skin tone to be the burgundy of the rest of the uniform as it's never made sense to me to have two colors that are so close. Now the only color in the logo not on the uniforms is black.

Home Uniform


It annoys me that in the current set, none of the stripes on the helmet, jersey pants or socks match. I changed that by making them all match as double stripes, as the two color stripes on the jersey and pants are the pattern I associate with all three Super Bowl wins.

I moved the sleeve stripes up very slightly to restore the cuffs. I also moved the TV numbers to the shoulders as with sleeve stripes and Nike logos, sleeve real estate is at a premium. So, the sleeve numbers become shoulder numbers out of pragmatism.

As an additional note, I kind of suck at GIMP with this template, which is why the "stripes" on the 3 quarter helmet view look like paint spill, when they are supposed to be simple stripes continuing the pattern from the helmet front.

Road Uniform


Same reasoning and changes as for the home uniform. Only major change I made was bringing back the burgundy pants, as I miss them from the current set. The socks here are to avoid the dreaded leotard look.

Your thoughts?

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I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the assymetrical helmet stripe, by I've always thought they should go with this. Only thing I'd change would be to make te stripes thicker. Right now they look too thin.

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I'm not a big fan of the asymmetrical helmet stripe either, but I was going for consistency, or "the hobgoblin of little minds." If it wasn't for the dual stripe being associated with the Superbowl years, I would have gone with the current (symmetrical) helmet striping throughout.

How much thicker do you think the stripes need to be? 50% thicker? 100%? more?

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