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Hello Sports Logos World!!

I've been surfing this site for years, and I've always had some pretty great ideas for concepts/rebranding/colors/alignment(etc.). I'm an amateur at photoshop, and use the most basic sites for design, and my designs are usually recoloring, and reconfiguring already existing brand fonts/unis/logos(etc.). But I've always enjoyed it, and now want to share my ideas with you good people.

I've always hated the 'Wizards' brand, and wish they reverted back to the 'Bullets'. BUT, I understand the type of b.s. that would come of that, especially in the capital... So, why don't we make some concessions and meet in the middle to create a brand identity that relates to the United States Capital, and not with Hogwarts.

Actually, this name I came up with has been used before in the ABA, in Brooklyn, NY, from 1941-42.

Introducing, the Washington Americans!


(I hope this link works)

Below is the Primary Wordmark (again, just a reconfigured image from the secondary Wizards logo)


Please let me know what you think, and maybe some other ideas for a Washington rebrand that doesn't include "Sea Dogs".

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I like it a lot actually. Very well done. Are you going to do jersey concepts to go along with this? I agree with you the Wizards name stinks. I think that the NBA is in a funk with names. I do not like the most recent; Thunder, Bobcats, Pelicans. All sound like the nicknames for the middle schools in my area, not even high school but middle school. It is to bad PC gets in the way.

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