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2014 Sochi Olympic hockey sweaters


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Ok, the red, it's nice. I like the flag in the sleeves, nice touch.

When I opened the nike link to see the white, I actually laughed and said "what?!" out loud. Not kidding. That's just awful. IIHF Turn Ahead The Clock awful. it's big, it's gaudy, it probably will get confusing against other red-heavy teams because it's not that white. Why the faux laceup collar? That's simply strange and exceptionally pointless. We went from the CCCP sweaters to this? Ugh.

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The red ones are ok, but they seem clunky and unbalanced. You have this huge chunk of blue (which could use a white border) and the flag stripes on the upper portion of the sweater, but just a thin white stripe along the bottom. Repeating the flag striping along the waist would have helped balance the design out.

The "whites"? They're mostly red. It's going to be very hard to watch Russia in those against any red-clad team. Also the giant double headed eagle looks ridiculous. Like MLB TATC ridiculous. It would be fine as an alternate, but not as a primary sweater.

Also the faux lace-up design is just stupid. Either weat a lace-up collar or don't.

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At first I though the men and women had different jerseys, nope. Their "home" jersey barley has any white in it at all.

Really? Despite the lower 2/3s being entirely white??

How is that different than a red yoke?

Most yokes stop before the players belly button, its also more 1/2 and 1/2
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Hey, I like that red uniform. I think it's very well designed, except that unexplained yoke cutoff.

That white, on the other hand, is 100%, Grade-A, Putin-certified, pure steaming turd.

But, looking at these masterpieces, what could we have possibly expected?


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