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My Journey To My Best Concept (New With Polls)

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Welcome to the new thread for My Journey to My Best Concept. If this works you should see a poll attached with this new thread.

In case you are not familiar with what I am doing let me do a quick rundown.

I am on a journey to produce the best total concept I can. To do this I am making concepts for the four largest cities in every U.S. State and Canadian Province as well as 16 additional wild card cities. Along the way I am having you vote to help me advance the better concept. This is still in its infancy so there is a lot to vote on.

It has been moved to this thread because the previous thread experienced some technical glitches (it would not let me create new polls). The old thread is still up and you can look back on all that has been done already if you wish. Also for a while I will be running both threads simultaneously, until I am convinced this new thread will not run into the same technical issues as the last, so you can vote on both this and that thread.

I will count votes this way. On this thread only votes on the poll will count, on the old thread you will need to post your vote in a reply. Though replies will not count as votes on this thread I still encourage you to comment and even post your votes so everyone can know where you stand. Your comments help to evolve the concepts. If you look over the old thread you will clearly see that previous comments made shaped changes to the concepts.

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Los Angeles, California (California’s largest city)

Los Angeles Stars

In my Pro Curling thread I have a team called the Hollywood Stars. The name here I think is commonly understood. Drawing from Los Angeles’ high profile movie industry to name a team.

Los Angeles Poison Oak

Did you know that one of the original names given to the arena now occupied by Los Angeles was Yang-na which translates to “poison oak place”? Well it’s a fact and with that I give you the purposely to name a sports team in the area the Los Angeles Poison Oak.

Los Angeles Mullhollands

Were it not for a man name William Mullholland, Los Angeles would not be the great city expanse it is today. Mullholland was the key engineer in bringing water to Los Angeles. Today a major thoroughfare in the city is named after him and even a large water fountain. So it is purposed that he also be honored with a sports team.

Los Angles Olympians

In 1932 and 1984 the city of Los Angeles was the host city of the Summer Olympics. These two Olympic Games were some of the most successful ever. The presence of the Olympics contributed to development in the city. Even today nearly thirty years since the last Olympic Games in Los Angeles, one can still see the signs of its presence. The Olympic flame and rings would of course serve as the inspiration for a logo but perhaps the eagle mascot of the ’84 games could be worked in as an alternate.

Los Angeles Oilers

Did you know that Los Angeles was once the nation’s largest producer of petroleum? Therefore one purposed team name is Oilers.


Calgary, Alberta (Alberta’s largest city)

Calgary Drillers

One of the cities primary economic driving factors is the petroleum industry.

Calgary Blackfoot

The original inhabitants of the Calgary area were members of the Blackfoot Confederacy.

Calgary Vikings

The exact meaning and origins of the name Calgary are disputed but one possibility is that it comes from Old Norse words meaning cold garden. To highlight this Norse connection I propose Vikings.

Calgary Cowboys

A commonly used team name in Calgary that draws inspiration from Calgary’s ranching history as well as its world famous Stampede Rodeo show.

Calgary Rockies

Calgary is at the meeting place between the Canadian Rockies and the Canadian Prairie. The mountains impact Calgary’s climate, they have also impacted the cities image. The mountains helped land the city the 1988 Winter Olympics, an event that essentially put Calgary on the map. The mountains are also a draw for Calgary’s tourism industry.

Calgary +15

Calgary has one of the worlds most extensive skyways or walkways that connect buildings above street level. This skyway is referred to as +15 due to the fact that the bridges that cross streets must be above 15 feet.

Calgary Highlanders

Calgary has a strong military presence. One of the most distinguished units in the city is the Calgary Highlanders, who are also highly regarded for their marching band. Therefore to honor them one name could be the Highlanders.

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Calling these votes!!!

What logo do you like best Anchorage Foxes or Juneau Gold?

Anchorage Foxes – 8 Votes (66.64%)

Juneau Gold – 4 Votes (33.32%)

Winner Anchorage Foxes. Juneau Gold is eliminated.

What team name do you want to see used for Los Angeles, California?

Stars – 6 Votes (46.14%)

Poison Oak – 0 Votes (0%)

Mullholands – 2 Votes (15.38%)

Olympians – 3 Votes (23.07%)

Oilers – 2 Votes (15.38%)

Winner Los Angeles Stars

What team name do you want to see used for Calgary, Alberta?

Drillers – 2 Votes (15.38%)

Blackfoot – 2 Votes (15.38%)

Vikings – 1 Vote (7.69%)

Cowboys – 2 Votes (15.38%)

Rockies – 0 Votes (0%)

+15 – 2 Votes (15.38%)

Highlanders – 4 Votes (30.76%)

Winner Calgary Highlanders

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New Poll!!!

San Francisco, California (California’s fourth largest city)

San Francisco Missions

A minor league baseball team once carried this name. The name is a tribute to the original settlement of the San Francisco area and to the broader California state history.

San Francisco Nuggets

The NFL’s San Francisco 49ers has one of the most outstanding concepts in all of sports. Since that is already taken I propose another name that would pay homage to the city’s historic ties to the California Gold Rush.

San Francisco Quakes

Surprisingly this is a popular sports team name in California. One would think that those who live everyday with the possibility of being struck by such force of Mother Nature they would not want daily reminders of the fact by naming their sports club after it. Then again maybe it’s a token of appeasement to Mother Nature, by recognizing the Mother Nature’s potential wrath we hope to appease her.

San Francisco Golden Gates

I don’t think this one needs much explaining. Golden Gate bridge = name.

San Francisco Phoenix

Many sports teams have avoided the name Phoenix since it would be confusing if they were in a league with a team from Phoenix, Arizona. Now Phoenix, the city, is in this competition but none the less I am going to offer the name up as a possible team name for San Francisco. The name fits in the sense that San Francisco rose out of ashes following the famous 1906 earthquake and emerged once again as one of Americas most important cities.

San Francisco Flower Power

This team’s concept will be influenced by the Summer of Love and hippie culture that is closely linked to San Francisco.

San Francisco Birdmen

This name is a tribute to Alcatraz, one of the many famed sights of San Francisco. The name is inspired by Robert Stroud one of the most famous of Alcatraz’s inmates. For a logo the team is likely to feature a convict or crook of some kind.

Lethbridge, Alberta (Alberta’s fourth largest city)

Lethbridge Rockies

Lethbridge is another city in Alberta that is greatly affected in many ways by the presence of the nearby Rocky Mountains.

Lethbridge Coal Kings

From 1874 to 1957 Lethbridge had a strong coal mining industry.

Edmonton, Alberta (Alberta’s second largest and capital city)

Edmonton Diamonds

Edmonton is the staging ground for diamond mining operations taking place in the Northwest Territories of Canada.

Edmonton Festivals

Edmonton has been nicknamed “The Festival City”, due to its many festivals that fill most of the calendar.

Edmonton Beavers

Edmonton’ history is directly linked to the Hudson Bay Company. Fur trading, particularly Beaver skins, was a big business for the Hudson Bay Company during the days of the Canadian frontier.

Edmonton Northerners

Edmonton is the northernmost city in North America with a population greater then one million. It has also been referred to as the “Gateway to the North”. Furthermore it served as a staging area for the miners during the Klondike Gold Rush.

Edmonton Drillers

The economy of Edmonton has long been dominated by the oil industry. Edmonton is believed to sit on the largest deposits of oil in the world behind only Saudi Arabia. The industry is so ever present that the cities most popular sports franchise, the NHL’s Edmonton Oilers, are named for the industry. Not wanting to repeat that name but still wanting to link a sports franchise with the industry, I give you the Edmonton Drillers.

Edmonton Klondikes

Edmonton’s past is tied to the Klondike gold rush. Furthermore the city’s largest festival each year is K-Days, the K standing for Klondike.

Edmonton Frontiersmen

The frontiersman used in the cities coat of arms could serve for the base of a logo.

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Calling these votes

What team name do you want to see used for San Francisco, California?

Missions - 1 Vote (7.69%)

Nuggets - 2 Votes (15.38%)

Quakes - 6 Votes (46.15%)

Golden Gates - 2 Votes (15.38%)

Phoenix - 1 Vote (7.69%)

Flower Power - 1 Vote (7.69%)

Birdmen - 0 Votes (0%)

What team name do you want to see used for Lethbridge, Alberta?

Rockies - 2 Votes (15.38%)

Coal Kings - 11 Votes (84. 62%)

What team name do you want to see used for Edmonton, Alberta?

Diamonds - 1 Vote (7.69%)

Festivals - 0 Votes (0%)

Beavers - 2 Votes (15.38%)

Northerners - 1 Vote (7.69%)

Drillers - 5 Votes (38.46%)

Klondikes - 3 Votes (23.08%)

Frontiersmen - 1 Vote (7.69%)

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New Polls!!!!! VOTE!!!!!


Red Deer, Alberta (Alberta’s third largest city)

Red Deer Blackfoot

Members of the Blackfoot Confederacy were among the earliest inhabitants of the Red Deer area.

Red Deer Cree

This is another native group that were among the earliest settlers in the Red Deer area.

Red Deer Bison

The Red Deer River was a common gathering spot for Bison that roamed the plains, before large scale human settlement.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver Longshoremen

A primary draw for development and growth of the city of Vancouver was its large natural harbor. Today Vancouver remains one of Canada’s most vital ports. An argument could be made that it is the most important of all Canadian Ports since it is the largest port in the country on the Pacific Ocean.

Vancouver Lumberjacks

The timber industry remains one of the most important industries in the city. This is also the name of a team in my Pro Curling thread.

Vancouver Stars

Vancouver has been called the Hollywood of the North due to the large amount of film and television production that has moved to the city.

Vancouver Phoenix

Vancouver is another city that the Phoenix moniker would work for. In 1886 the city had a great fire but rebuilt and emerged from the ashes.

Vancouver Outfitters

Vancouver was another town that served as a staging area and outfitter for those headed north to take part in the Klondike Gold Rush. Vancouver itself also experienced its own gold rush in 1858. Vancouver’s largest contribution to all of this however was in the retail sector. Local retailers in Vancouver like Woodwards and the Hudson Bay Company would supply prospectors with their necessities. The business that came from these prospectors helped establish Woodwards and Hudson Bay Company as legitimate national retailers.

Vancouver Dragons

Vancouver has a very large Chinese population. One major factor in this is when Hong Kong changed hands from Great Britain to China many residents immigrated to Vancouver. With this in mind a Chinese dragon could serve as the base for a team logo.

Vancouver Orcas

The killer whale is an ever present symbol of the city since it is often spotted off the shore.

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So I think I am going to abandon the old thread and go with this one full time.

Calling three more votes:

What logo do you like better Anchorage Foxes or Sitka Brown Bears?

(Winner Anchorage Foxes)

Anchorage Foxes - 9 Votes (90%)

Sitka Brown Bears - 1 Vote (10%)

What team name do you want to see used for Red Deer, Alberta?

(Winner Bison)

Blackfoot - 3 Votes (30%)

Cree - 1 Vote (10%)

Bison - 6 Votes (60%)

What team name do you want to see used for Vancouver, British Columbia?

(Winner Orcas)

Longshoremen - 2 Votes (20%)

Lumberjacks - 2 Votes (20%)

Stars - 0 Votes (0%)

Phoenix - 0 Votes (0%)

Outfitters - 1 Vote (10%)

Dragons - 2 Votes (20%)

Orcas - 3 Votes (30%)

More votes to come. Thanks for following. Thanks for voting. And please give me your opinions.

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Can't wait to see what you can do with the Orcas!

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Richmond, British Columbia (British Columbia’s fourth largest city)

Richmond Dragons

Richmond like Vancouver experienced an immigration explosion when Hong Kong changed hands from Great Britain to China. So I suggested a Chinese dragon themed team for Vancouver however it is perhaps more fitting for Richmond since this city has the highest percentage of Chinese immigrants for any North American city.

Richmond Berries

Richmond has a strong agricultural presence. The primary crops of Richmond are Cranberries and Blueberries.

Surrey, British Columbia (British Columbia’s second largest city)

Surrey Sixers

Surrey is divided into six “town centers” thus the name Surrey Sixers. This concept will have a unique feature in that should it make it to the secondary logo round it will feature six different alternate logo’s; one for each of the six “town centers”.

Surrey Gatekeepers

Surrey is a border city. It is adjacent to the United States border. At its border with the United State in the median of Highway 5 is an international monument called the Peach Arch. The arch has in it gates hinged on either side of the border that remain open thus representing the peaceful relations between the two nations.

Surrey Greens

Like most cities in the Vancouver metropolitan area, Surrey has taken great strides to be one of the most eco-friendly cities on the planet.

Burnaby, British Columbia (British Columbia’s third largest city)

Burnaby Gadgets

Burnaby has a large tech industry.

Burnaby Centrals

Burnaby is in the geographical center of the Vancouver metropolitan area.

Burnaby Blizzard

Based one the recommendation of kevsim1

Poll not working again so please post your votes.

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Dragons, Sixers, Blizzards

Edited by jmoe12

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Dragons, Greens, and can I nominate Blizzard for Burnaby? If so, that's my vote.

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Dragons, Greens, and can I nominate Blizzard for Burnaby? If so, that's my vote.

Blizzard will be added and counted as your vote

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Dragons, Greens, and can I nominate Blizzard for Burnaby? If so, that's my vote.

Blizzard will be added and counted as your vote

Sounds good. Thanks!

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Dragons, Gatekeepers, Blizzard

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Dragons, sixers, blizzard

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